Pro-ject Artist Collection Turntables

This unique collection of one-of-a-kind turntables from Pro-ject Audio are a collector’s dream. The belt-driven turntables centralize the music and the rotation of each record almost as if it were being personally recorded as it plays back. Customized artwork, platters and plinths give listeners the option of choosing a player that is in accordance with their unique taste and preferences. Variations of the design include a customized Rolling Stones insignia, a black table branded with Guns N’ Roses logo, a George Harrison ‘Record player’ design, and a table in the shape of a Yellow Submarine, which features a clear glass platter in homage to the 1968 Beatles film of the same.


Pro-ject Artist Collection Turntables Pro-ject Artist Collection Turntables Pro-ject Artist Collection TurntablesPro-ject Artist Collection Turntables