Point Line Vinyl Record Speaker

Who says you can’t meld physical and digital media into one seamless, artistic experience? Certainly Point Line believes this is possible, with the Vinyl Record Speaker.

Everyone knows that the true music fan places a great deal of value on vinyl records. There’s just something about that sound that’s hard for any other type of media to replicate. At the same time, having a new way to listen to classic media makes a big difference.

As gorgeous as it is functional, the Point Line is a concept turntable has already turned a lot of heads. The all-in-one piece is both record player and unidirectional speaker cloaked in perforated metal, for seamless durability. The lower cutout is home to any moving parts, including the spindle and platter. With all the controls mounted conveniently on one corner, it offers simplicity that makes this turntable even more alluring.

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Point Line Vinyl Record Speaker Point Line Vinyl Record Speaker Point Line Vinyl Record Speaker