Omnicharge – The Next Generation Power Bank

The world today is powered by electricity and batteries; all of the most important things to you come with the necessity of being charged up before you can use them, but not all of them are so simple to charge, especially when you are on the go. With the Omnicharge portable power, you can enjoy power absolutely anywhere you go, no questions asked.

The Omnicharge Smartest AC Portable Power Equipment gives you total freedom in a number of situations where you might not otherwise have power. This includes long flights, working at a restaurant or cafe, out camping, working in the field, commuting and more. The charger meets the necessary FAA guidelines for air travel as well.

It offers total freedom to plug in nearly any device into the system. The Omnicharge is compatible with Apple and Android phones and tables. Macbooks and other laptops can be charged along with tablets of all kinds. Versatile and adaptable, the Omnicharge Power Equipment is just as powerful as you would anticipate with its high quality, ultra heavy duty 20,400mAh lithium ion battery which is responsible for charging even your largest devices. It can be powered up using AC or DC outputs. This unit comes with an 11 layered patented Power Protection System that will keep your devices going without fear over the safety of your devices experiencing a surge. It offers real time power management through its OLED screen.


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