McIntosh MTI100

Turning the tables on the traditionally ‘old school’ style trend of record players as they have reappeared into our homes, this McIntosh MT100 creates a fascinating modern hybrid take on things. Featuring a sub-woofer, Bluetooth connectivity and stereo sound, the combined effect of modern audio technology with traditional quality and tangible musical experience is something that music-lovers everywhere need to experience. New life is brought to the turntables of old as a vaccum tube preamplifier ensures quality sound is delivered to all connected speaker devices, including those connected via digital inputs. Includes headphone jack and capacity to play both 33-1/3 and 45 rpm vinyl records.

This turntable system is perfect for someone hoping to purchase a high-quality and minimalist sound system, without losing on out style or cool-factor. Combine vintage vinyl records with modern playback methods with the Bluetooth option, and adjust the sound quality and effects to suit your environment and music tastes. Place this speaker on the shelf for a cleaner, minimalist setup.

There’s a lot to be said for combined modern-day technology with vintage style and functionality.

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McIntosh MTI100McIntosh MTI100 McIntosh MTI100 McIntosh MTI100 McIntosh MTI100 McIntosh MTI100 McIntosh MTI100 McIntosh MTI100