Manual Pen

Truly one of the most unique instrument for use in writing today, this pen is not only fully functional, but is milled from one solid metal piece. You won’t just enjoy using it yourself, you can rest in the fact that this is a piece you’ll even be able to pass down to future generations as well.

Every small detail was thought out carefully, yet there are no separate internal parts. That means there’s no danger of anything ever breaking. Better still the rechargeable cartridge means it will literally last you a lifetime, and then some.

Attempting to reach the edge of simplicity, the cartridge is held in place by a unique fixing mechanism that securely holds it into place. At the same time, you’ll easily be able to slide the cartridge in and out for replacement when the time comes.

Closing your pen when you aren’t using it is as simple as removing the cartridge, turning it around, and sliding it back inside. All this, with the most precise writing tip available, with no vibrations in your strokes at all.