LG PK7 Speaker

Get ready for some big sound from a small device. The LG PK7 is the perfect way to stream music and enjoy high quality technology that has previously been unavailable in a Bluetooth speaker. This unit uses Meridian filtering to help remove any sound imperfections. It creates a more defined and enjoyable music experience. Turn up the bass and let the digital filters break the sound field with a kick that you can feel. The Meridian Audio combines signal processing and hardware designs to widen the field of sound for an uncompromising performance. This portable speaker comes with a built-in rechargeable battery for when you need music on the go. Its LED beat lighting is sure to brighten up any environment as it synchronizes with the rhythm of the music. The LG PK7 features a tough outer construction with weather and splash resistance.


LG PK7 Speaker LG PK7 Speaker LG PK7 Speaker