iRobot Terra Robot Lawn Mower

Artificial Intelligence may be a controversial topic and at the core of varying disputes and opinions, but we can’t deny the amazing feats that are being created with new technology today.

The German-built iRobot Terra Robot Lawn Mower is a device which uses advanced ‘Imprint’ smart-mapping technology to mow your lawn. Having brought the genius interior-cleaner that is the Roomba to our homes, iRobot has done it again this time with an outdoor assistant to remotely maintain the garden, too. Setting the perimeter is done simply by manually driving the motor along the boundaries of where your property ends and begins with the guidance of wireless beacons. From there, a simple touch of a button is all that’s required for the iRobot Terra Robot Lawn Mower to get going.

The amazing thing about this device is that it operates in straight-cut lines, emanating the route and style a human would take in the same task and ensuring your garden stays looking at it’s best. The automatic recharge function means that when the battery gets low, the Terra Robot will simply stop where it is and recharge before setting off again.

A companion app has also been developed to control the device from afar, with features like setting the grass height, scheduling, and customized preference functions available.

A beta version will be made available to the US market in 2019.

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