Heritage Headphone Amplifier

When you’re an audiophile, listening to music means something entirely different. It isn’t just a passive experience and is instead an intricate, active one that is immersive and demands your full attention. If this sounds like you when you listen to music, you need the Heritage Headphone Amplifier.

The Heritage Headphone Amplifier is a heavy-duty headphone amp that will help you to enjoy every sound being produced by your music player of choice to its fullest. This Heritage Headphone Amplifier is well built and beautiful, offering you top-quality craftsmanship before you even get to its functionality. This headphone amp features anodized aluminum, weighted knobs, switches and controls that offer an incredibly tactile response and feel. All of these switches work through relays that give the cleanest signals possible while still providing you with the vintage feel you want.

This Heritage Headphone Amplifier is driven by a ES90128K2M ESS Sabre32 Reference digital-to-analog, high resolution converter that is able to deliver 24 bits, 192 kHz sample rates. It is a two-channel converter with ESS 32 bit HyperStream DAC architecture which provides you with a totally clear sound and as little distortion as possible. It uses an XMOS USB audio receiving platform which helps transfer audio beautifully from any USB source and provides you with lossless playback of your audio. The signal path has minimal crosstalk and increases the total system output to provide you with the best noise to signal ratio you can imagine.


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