Halo 2 Smart Bike Computer

This Halo 2 Smart Bike Computer is the updated model (of their 2015 version), which boasts a host of new features to enhance the efficiency of this contraption. A 1.5 OLED screen displays information like real-time speed as well as fitness metrics like calories burned, time and distance traveled, and it’s also compatible with some of the major messaging apps like Whatsapp, Slack and Messenger. This model is upgraded with impressive navigational tools, telling you the distance to your next turn, points of interest on an upcoming path, and even how much has been saved in CO2 emissions as you’ve traveled. Internal motion sensors and 250-lumen front lights are among some other modernized features of the Halo 2, and the sleek external body of the bike makes for an overall impressive vehicle to maneuver. Release is planned for December, but you can pre-order now for £134.


Halo 2 Smart Bike Computer Halo 2 Smart Bike Computer Halo 2 Smart Bike Computer  Halo 2 Smart Bike Computer