Although Smartphones have provided us a world with endless possibilities; from the ability to record videos and take pictures, communicate with people across the world in a matter of seconds, to even able to fly and control drones.

As much as these things may be amazing and revolutionary, it’s no secret that smartphones can also be incredibly distracting and can significantly affect our productivity.

Ironically enough, Forest is an app (available for smartphones) that helps you stay focused and concentrated on whatever task you might be doing, letting you finish a lot faster and efficiently.

Forest works like this: Every time you feel the need to disconnect from the virtual world, open the app and plant a tree. The tree will grow over a certain time period; and if you leave the app to go on another one while the tree grows, the tree will die. If you’re successful every time you plant a tree, you’ll be able to grow a full forest. Furthermore, the app makes stats available to you, so you’ll be able to measure how much time you’ve saved by leaving your phone alone, or in the alternate case, how much time has been wasted by being on your phone.

$2 is not a lot to pay for for a lifetime of improved productivity and quality in your work.