Having an exercise routine is only one of the most important steps to take in the quest for a healthy lifestyle and fit body. Many among us tend to find time to hit the gym or take fitness classes, but following a good dietry plan often stays behind or forgotten.

Fit Men Cook is a smartphone app is an extremely affordable solution that makes keeping a consistent and healthy diet a lot more attainable by men who either live a busy work life, or have a more relaxed schedule.

In short, Fit Men Cook has over 100 recipes with easy-to-follow video instructions that helps you prepare food for the week by taking two days of cooking. Fit Men Cook is hooked to a shopping list, so that when a recipe is selected, the ingredients needed to prepare it are automatically added and linked to your Apple Watch; making a grocery trip a lot simpler while helping you budget and stay on track in your health plan by not falling in any delicious temptations that you may stumble upon at the grocery store.

Besides providing you with delicious and exciting recipes for you to enjoy, Fit Men Cook also keeps a record of the calories, carbs, fat and protein that are included in each meal. It is further synchronised with the Apple Health app, keeping track of your exercise and diet plan in a single space.

This app is very easy to use, making your journey towards an improved sense of self-care very simple and achievable.

For $3 on the App Store, Fit Men Cook is an incredible investment that is definitely worth making to improve your overall health and fitness.


Fit Men CookFit Men CookFit Men Cook