Everyday Carry: 50’s Banger

The island of Cuba is known for its nostalgic atmosphere. Despite its political isolation resulting in many economic and social issues, it has also acted as a strengthening asset for the tourism company.

Most tourists are attracted to Cuba’s situation of being lost in the 1950s, and will pay to experience this unique country. If you’re planning on travelling over to Havana soon, you’ll want to have the right attire to fully embrace the 1950s Cuban culture. If you just happen to be seeking items to remind you of the 50s alone, carrying around these following articles on the daily will certainly help you do so.

Berluti Cigar Case – ($4,800).
Jacques Marie Mage Sunglasses – ($735).
Dunhill Gold Lighter – ($656).
Cigar Punch – ($17).

To protect two of your essential cuban cigar, the Berluti Cigar Case is the one for you. Manufactured entirely out of alligator skin has been hand painted by the craftmen of the Maison. To add on to you cigar-smoking equipment, the Dunhill Gold Lighter and the Cigar Punch are the ultimate companions. The combination of brown leather and gold touches in these articles are precisely what brings you back to the 1950s.

To finish, the Jaques Marie Mage Sunglesses will tie and match the rest of your 50s look together seamlessly. The round frame of these sunglasses are in a tortoiseshell design, accentuated with clip-on gold tone UV protection lenses.