Eeryday Carry: Aquatic

One could say that the only downsides to the ocean, boats and fishing, is that they are only accessible in specific places, and that you have to have enough free time available to relax and enjoy navigating in the blue sea.

Many of us have very busy lives in environments far away from the calm beach or seaport life. However, it is possible to satisfy our wants to visit the deep blue without actually being there. The following items have been carefully handpicked so that they’re easy to carry around every day; while representing the passion you have for life next to the water.


Oris Aquis | Navy Wristwatch

The Oris Aquis Wristwatch has a navy blue background that contrasts perfectly with its corresponding stainless steel strap. Either at the office or enjoying the sunset on a boat, the Oris Aquis Wristwatch not fail at giving you a classic and professional look with an aquatic touch.



Stag | I1Bussetto

To hold your credit cards, the I1 Bussetto credit card case will remind you of your time at the ocean thanks to its beautiful hand-painted navy color. Manufactured with 100% Italian leather, this wallet is compact and practical as it limits its capacity perfectly so that you don’t carry more cards than you feel you need to.



Kershaw | Leek 3 in

A pocket knife always comes in handy while cruising in a boat while fishing in the sea. You can use to cut rope, slice your catch, and many other things. The Kershaw Leek is a 3 inch blade whose slim design makes it easy to carry around, and its high performance blade manages to fulfill almost any cutting duty.



Miansai | Hook Cord

Finally, men’s jewellery designer Minasai has introduced a Hook Cord Silver-Plated Wrap Bracelet. The cord is actually made from a durable maritime grade cord, and is secured by a simulated fish hook covered in silver.