Gift Guide: Cool & Unique Stuff for Every Man’s Stocking

Are you tired of bouncing from store to store, struggling to find the perfect stocking stuffers for guys? Maybe you are that guy and need to present a list of the things you want. Sometimes it may seem like there’s nothing left to buy or nothing more to want but rarely is that the case.

Stocking stuffers are usually among the most difficult gifts to find, but this holiday season, don’t go crazy trying to drum up a list of them. Instead, pull from this essential guide to stocking stuffer suggestions that most, if not every, guy will love.

Amazon Firestick

It’s a versatile device that’s compact, easy to use, and connects people to dozens of different services. Negating the need for overpriced cable, Amazon’s Firestick plugs into a television’s HDMI port, turning even the most basic unit into a Smart TV.

Listen to music on the Pandora app, watching Stranger Things on Netflix, or scroll through Amazon’s extensive library of movies – it’s everything a man could want on the Firestick.


fitbit fitness tracker Fitness Tracker

For the fit guy in your life, a fitness tracker is a pretty safe bet. Fitbit has been a leader in the fitness wearable game for a while, but the market has opened quite a bit for Garmin, Samsung, Polaris, and even Apple.

More expensive models like the Fitbit Ionic is more of a smartwatch with the ability to take calls, receive e-mails, and answer texts on top of the usual fitness, sleep, and heart rate monitor tracking. Cheaper models like the Moov Now focuses solely on the fitness side of things.


portable power bankPortable Power Bank

In our age of technological dependence, when our smart devices die, it’s like we’re lost. A portable power bank is like a second wind for electronics. Compatible with just about anything that has an onboard rechargeable battery, power banks can charge devices on the go via a USB port, negating the need for wall outlets while not at home.

The myCharge RAZOR PLUS USB power bank is an affordable and reliable option with a 1-amp USB port for mobile charging. The Tzumi PocketJuice charger is a bit on the cheaper side and has two USB charging ports for multiple devices.


pocket chain saw chainmatePocket Chain Saw

Men love gadgets and tools, right? They also tend to love breaking things the easiest way possible. A pocket chain saw checks off both boxes. Not to be confused with a miniature chainsaw, which is definitely not pocket-sized, this portable chain saw is literally a sharpened, serrated chain that can saw through a multitude of materials.

Ideal for the survivalist or frequent camper, the saw can break down kindling for fires and help break down materials for shelter. Chain-Mate’s 24” Survival Pocket Chain Saw is Diamond tipped and lightweight for easy use.


huckberry edc kit keyringEDC Kit

Who doesn’t love to have everything they need in one convenient place? EDC Kits, or Every Day Carry Kits, are a compact tool chest that fits right on a belt loop. Typically equipped with a knife, a multi-key ring, screwdriver, Firestarter, and flashlight, EDC Kits are available in a variety of options.

Some may benefit the techy in your life with a portable charging cable and mini-bit drivers. Others, like the Huckberry Essential EDC Kit with its survival pod and peanut lighter, may be a necessity for the camper and outdoorsmen. Then there are more standard options, like Huckberry Compact EDC Kit,  complete with a knife, dual-function screwdriver, multitool, and room for up to three keys, that are more practical for everyday use.


lifestraw survival water personal filtration systemLifeStraw

Water filters are great for guys that love being outdoors, but they’re not always portable and many definitely won’t fit in a stocking. LifeStraw, however, will, and it’s a unique and effective take on the water filter.

Rather than having to collect water and run it through a filtration system, LifeStraw lets users drink right from the source without concern for contaminants and pollution. LifeStraw is designed to filter out waterborne parasites and bacteria, making it safe to drink from freshwater sources.


carry on cocktail drink mixCarry On Cocktail Kit

Thanks to the people at W&P Design, flying doesn’t seem so bad anymore. Each kit of the seven different alcoholic mixes has enough alcohol to mix up two cocktails while flying high above the Earth.

Gin & Tonic, Moscow Mule, Champagne Cocktail, Bloody Mary, Hot Toddy, and Margarita are all available in this compact, easy to stow libation kit. Even if they’re not a huge cocktail fan, these kits can serve as an introduction to some favorites.


Garmin Oregon handheld GPSHandheld GPS

Anyone that enjoys being outdoors and exploring the expansive world should have a GPS on them. Smartphone positioning isn’t reliable enough and standard navigation units are too bulky, so fill their stocking with a handheld GPS unit.

Portable and functional, handheld GPS’ are an outdoorsman best friend. Models like the Garmin Oregon 600t and Garmin Montana 680, while expensive, are incredibly reliable, if not on the more complicated side. The DeLorme InReach Explorer Satellite Communicator is quite cheaper with less sophisticated navigation, but its built-in SOS messaging means help is never too far away.


tweezerman on the go grooming kit for menGrooming Kit

They have the essentials any guy will need but won’t admit to – cuticle scissors, nail file, tweezers, and nail clippers. Tweezerman’s Gear Essential Grooming Kit delivers on quality and a convenient carrying case for the man-on-the-go.

It may not seem “manly,” but an essential grooming kit will come in handy for those date nights where everything needs to look pristine.


art of shaving starterkit sandalwood scentArt of Shaving Starter Kit

The pinnacle of luxury shaves, The Art of Shaving will leave a man feeling clean, comfortable, moisturized, and smelling delightful. The simple Sandalwood Starter Kit gives him everything liquid and foam he needs for a comfortable shave, from the pre-shave oil to the after-shave moisturizer.

The website even lets you build your own kit to include one of its premium blades, a brush, a stand, and a scented shaving cream.


Michelin tire pressure gauge 4410BTire Pressure Gauge

This isn’t even specific to just guys, though they’d likely appreciate the gift of fully-filled tires. Not all cars blare a warning beep when tire pressure is low and sometimes even those that do aren’t 100% accurate. A tire pressure gauge, however, takes the guesswork out of determining when a tire needs to be filled.

It’s simple. It’s practical. It’s perfect for a guy. Readers either come as a digital display, like the Michelin Tire Pressure Gauge or in a more classic style, like the Milton S-921 Passenger Car Tire Gauge.


Sony SBH70 Wireless earphones bluetoothWireless Earbuds

Wired headsets are such a chore to deal with. The cords always bunch up and, once it’s severed or cracked, it takes an ugly tape job for it to work again. The same can’t be said about wireless earbuds. They’re convenient, portable, and provide a crisp and clear audio experience.

Sony’s SBH70 is a great water-resistant model with comfortable, behind-the-neck wear. Apple’s Airpods have also become popular, but if you have the extra cash, Beats by Dr. Dre tend to a model that most audiophiles or music lover can get behind.


Survival technologies firestarter for outdoors and camping gift on christmas and holidaysFire Starter

When it’s cold or rainy in the great outdoors, most men struggled to get a fire started. Heck, even when it’s dry, some can’t quite get their kindling to ignite. A fire starter produces a hot spark using a rod, typically made from magnesium, and a striking blade.

Simple models like the Ultimate Survival Technologies Spark Force Firestarter and the Light My Fire FireSteel Scout 2.0 starter are perfect even for novice campers. Other models to consider include the Exotac NanoStriker XL Firestarter and the Ultimate Survival Technologies MagBar Fire Starter. Most starters come with tinder, but it would make for an ideal item to tac on.


multifunctional credit card survival knife tool for campingMultiTool Survival Card

If an EDC Kit is too bulky for the guy you have in mind, chances are the 11-in-1 survival card is a much better alternative. Compact enough to fit in his wallet, this versatile tool is made from stainless steel and ships with a leather case to keep it protected.

Carved into the steel card are 11 unique functions, including a screwdriver, ruler, four position wrench, saw blade, two position wrench, bottle opener, and a butterfly screw wrench. Other versions like MRF Multitools’ SmartRuler 21-in-1 Sketching Credit Card tool add additional functions like a metric and imperial compass, cellphone stand, headphones holder, and radian scale.


gaming gift cardsGift Cards

You may feel like it’s the gift you get someone when you just don’t know what to get them, but truth-be-told, gift cards also help them avoid the awkward acceptance of a gift they didn’t want. You can get a gift card to a restaurant or any men’s-friendly clothing store and they’ll likely be happy.

You can also resupply them with points for their online gaming account, like with Microsoft or PlayStation Network points. If they have an Xbox Live or PS Plus account, a subscription card is going to save them money in the future.


tequila tasting set by master of maltAlcohol Tasting Sets

If you want to give him good Scotch whiskey, you need to go with a company that knows its stuff. Master of Malt has become a great resource for Scotch and with its variety of tasting sets, it only gets better.

Whether they’re a first-time scotch drinker or like to sample a variety before settling on a larger, more expensive bottle, the tasting set is bound to make for a good stocking stuffer. Master of Malt offers a variety of sets, including “Tequila” (as pictured above), “Japanese Whisky,” “Regions of Scotland,” “Bourbon,” and even an “Unusual Cast Whisky” set.

The latter is a strange mix of whiskies aged in a unique barrel, such as rum barrels.