Many great writers always tend to give a similar piece of advice to creative minds and generally thoughtful people: always carry a journal with you. Having a dedicated journal with you at all times gives you the chance to be able to write down new ideas as soon as they enter your mind so that they are not lost or forgotten. Whether you are a writer, an academic, a creator, an inventor or just someone who has a lot of thoughts that need to be remembered, you need a journal that is durable enough to go wherever you want to go and is able to be used again and again, even when the pages run out. That is exactly what you will get with Bull and Stash journals. Bull and Stash journals are heavy-duty, elegant journals that will allow you to use them again and again for a notebook that only runs out of paper when you run out of ideas.


Bull and Stash journals are luxurious leather journals that are completely refillable. This allows you to refill the pages of your journal once you have run through all of the pages. You can tuck away the old pages and keep them as reference somewhere safe while refilling the current notebook with pages that suit your needs at the time. Each one of these notebooks is made out of full grain leather that comes in beautiful black or brown leather. This type of leather is one that ages well over time, offering you a supple, soft and charming journal with an exterior that will only become even more so as it ages.


There are 50 pages inside of each Bull and Stash journal. The pages are all lined, making it easy for you to write down your thoughts in a clear and articulate manner. Each one of the pages is perforated in the event that you want to tear one out and take it with you on the go. On the corners of the Bull and Stash journals, there are magnetic closures tucked away inside. These closures are minimal yet strong, helping to secure the journal closed without any visible marks. This is great for when you need to toss your journal into a bag or briefcase and do not want the pages to get ruined and crumpled. Interior pockets of the Bull and Stash journals allow you to store small, important items and papers that are important to your work so that they are always near. On the binding of a Bull and Stash journal, you can slip in a pen or pencil and keep it with the journal at all times.


These Bull and Stash journals come in three different sizes to suit your needs: The Market Journal, measuring 4 inches by 6.25 inches; The Leonard Journal, measuring 5.75 inches by 8.75 inches; and The Allison Portfolio, measuring 8 inches by 10.5 inches in size. Choose the one that is right for you based on size and enjoy two different colors of leather.


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