Bose Home Speaker 500

When you think of premium audio quality, your mind instantly goes to the name of “Bose”. Renowned leaders in the market for numerous years, their equipment has permeated ears within the home, cinema, automobile, and workplace environment. Now, Bose has entered into the “smart speaker” market, with their Home Speaker 500.

Powered by Alexa, this compact unit stands at just eight inches tall and seven inches wide, yet Bose confirms it produces the widest and most diverse soundstage of any smart speaker. This is achieved by two custom drivers being pointed in opposing directions, in order to reflect sound off the walls.

The “Smart” aspect of the speaker comes into play with proprietary microphones that active Alexa when commanded, similar to other Bose headphones and headsets. As well as this, the 500 supports Bluetooth streaming as well as a myriad of other popular streaming services such as Spotify.

The anodized aluminum body comes in a stylish dark accent, that slots seamlessly into a variety of home decor choices. Furthermore, the front of the unit has AirPlay 2, which Bose have integrated to display Artist/current song and information as well as album art, which gives another unique styling choice.

Overall, the Bose Home Speaker 500 sets a new precedent for smart audio systems, ensuring sound quality and smart technology merge effortlessly.


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