Bolt B80 Storage

The times of on-the-go storage are changing, and the Bolt B80 intends to change with it. Gone are the days of bulky storage devices that take up more room than your bag or pocket can afford, and instead comes in the sleek, rounded, simple body. The Bolt B80 is a portable SSD that is shaped similarly to a UFO, providing you with plenty of options for storing your device when you are on the go. Weighing only 53 grams and measuring only 11.9 millimeters thick, it is small and able to accommodate any of your travel plans. Though it is ultra small, it is tough. The Bolt B80 is made in a life-tough aluminum body that has been given military grade shockproof protection. On this storage device, there is a rubber cover that helps to prevent any sort of dust or even water from getting inside of it, ensuring that your Bolt B80 is safe to go with you on any adventures. Because it has passed military grade drop tests, it can take quite a tumble. Your Bolt B80 is protected no matter where you take it with its highly resilient nature. It also has a Type-C and USB 3.1 Generation 2 interface that helps to give you speedy transfer rates the likes of which you’ve never seen of up to R/W 500/450MB/s. The Bolt B80 is the next step in modern data storage.



Bolt B80 data storage modern style 2