The 12 Best Watches for Car Enthusiasts

There’s a curious, hard-to-define, connection between watches and cars that baffles even the most sophisticated mind. This subtle affinity may be due to men’s penchant for these two mind-boggling mechanisms! Of course, there’s no denying that both cars and watches are men’s favorite toys. That’s why you would seldom see Motorsport racing sans racers conspicuously sporting heavily-designed, cutting-edge watches from famous watch brands.

But what is the root of this fondness? Maybe it’s due to the perfect groove, timing, and speed that these two mechanisms embody, or maybe it’s because of the uncanny swagger that these two bestow on the boys that created this subtle affinity.

Great men, cars, and watches will surely always remain inseparable! So, if you admire the great racers, such as the seven-time Formula 1 champion Michael Schumacher, Lewis Hamilton, or Giuseppe Farina and Alberto Ascari of the 50’s, and many other racing greats, then this list of the best cutting-edge watches is perfectly cut for you. We’ve gathered the top 12 best watches for car enthusiasts.

Rolex Daytona PlatinumRolex Daytona Platinum

Seemingly synonymous with timelessness, the Rolex Daytona Platinum appears to operate on a geological timescale rather than a seasonal timescale. That’s why it’s aptly called “perpetual!”

Made of 950 platinum, this sports watch carries an enviable exquisite 40 mm-diameter casing and wristband. Automatically self-winding, it has an icy blue dial bedecked with white chromalite appliques on its hands and time indices. Inspired by Daytona—the most renowned car racing venue in the U.S.—this avant-garde watch is surely the definitive model for every car enthusiast.

It is characterized by sporty-looking chronographs with second, minute, and hour functions. It also sports a chestnut-brown ceramic bezel engraved with tachymetric markings. With antireflective sapphire crystal dials, this state-of-the-art watch is the quintessential watch for every car racer.


Tag Heuer Autavia 02Tag Heuer Autavia 02

The Tag Heuer brand was very popular in the mid-20th century and was frequently seen in car racing circles even before that. Its Autavia Caliber Hauer 02 version features a 42mm-diameter polished stainless steel case and bracelet with an opaline black dial and bezel. Its bidirectional bezel with engraved tachometric functions is indicative of its sporty inclination. Its scratch-resistant luminous sapphire hands and dial are illustrative likewise of perfect speed.

Its prominent Heuer logo sits at the middle below the 12 o’clock marker. Moreover, it has three white sub-dials for chronograph functions in hours, minutes, and seconds. The Autavia 02, like a race car engine, operates automatically and employs 33-jewel, self-winding automatic movement. This watch is a perfect appendage to a car racing enthusiast.


Chopard Mille Miglia Black Dial Classic ChronographChopard Mille Miglia Black Dial Classic Chronograph

With the exception of the Rolex Daytona chronograph watch series, Chopard’s offering, the Mille Miglia Classic Chronograph, may arguably be the mostly highly identifiable watch with auto racing.

Like any Swiss-made wristwatch, the Chopard is sturdily built with a 42mm stainless steel case characterized by its black dial, adorned with large, white 1-12 Arabic numerals. It features a tachometer scale at the dial’s rim and three chrono subdials, displaying the hour, minute, and seconds functions.

A date (calendar) function is located between the 4 o’clock and 5 o’clock numeral. The dial is also well-protected with a scratch-resistant, anti-reflective sapphire crystal held in place by a stationary, stainless steel bezel. This hefty 500-gram watch is surely apropos to automobile racing.


Perrelet Turbine 47mm Automatic Chrono XL VegasPerrelet Turbine 47mm Automatic Chrono XL Vegas

Aside from the ubiquitous Ps logo, the most interesting part of the Perrelet Turbine watch is its dials. Inspired by the free-spinning, turbine blades of engines, this watch is aptly named the “turbine watch.”

It’s modern adaptation of a double rotor that sandwiches movement—an automatic winding rotor at the back and a spinning rotor underneath the hands—make this watch an able speed-measuring mechanism.

The Perrelet Turbine XL Vegas is easily identifiable from other turbine watches for its 12 blackened blades that rotate over a radial image of six pairs of cards. Its dial is protected by an anti-reflective coated sapphire crystal.

This watch is fairly large, perfect for measuring time lapses of a speeding car as it has a case diameter of 47mm or 1.85 inch. Like other Perrelet Turbine watch models, the XL Vegas utilizes the Perrelet P-181 automatic movement and is an obvious fit for speed racing.


Tissot Heritage 1948 Automatic ChronographTissot Heritage 1948 Automatic Chronograph

The Tissot Heritage 1948 Automatic Chronograph heavily borrows from 1948 vintage design. Unlike other modern men’s wrist watches, the Tissot adamantly adheres to its smaller design.

The Tissot Heritage 1948 watch easily captures the looks of a classic watch with subtle features, such as the twisting flare lugs and pointed leaf-shaped black hands over an off-white dial. It also sports a highly-polished chamfered bezel. Its dial face with its prominent black Roman numeral “XII” and miniscule metal “rivet head” hour markers are stupendously sporty.

It has three chronograph subdials with attractive concentric ring patterns. It presents a continuous second counter, 30-minute counter, and 12-hour counter, perfect for meticulously monitoring time lapse. This watch is classic and modern at the same time with its automatic movement, comparable to the suave motion of race cars.


Breitling Aeromarine Superocean HeritageBreitling Aeromarine Superocean Heritage

Although not as sporty as other wrist watches, the Breitling Aeromarine Superocean Heritage is definitely never a “let down!” It can surely go toe-to-toe with any other car racing watches. The Aeromarine Superocean Heritage comes in two sizes of 42 and 46-mm diameter, with three dial finishing options of blue, black and bronze.

Marked with polished metal indices, its dial does not sport the usual luminescence of other sporty watches. Its hands, however, are lit and driven by automatic movement. Its hands and dial are also antireflective and scratch-proof! Its bezel is nicely-made for time monitoring.

The Aeromarine Superocean Heritage can be fitted with rubber straps for added sportiness. It is usually available in a metal mesh bracelet that readily matches its case.


Omega Speedmaster RacingOmega Speedmaster Racing

The Omega Speedmaster has the historical distinction of being the specific watch worn by Neil Armstrong on the moon. Obviously, it is the very first watch to reach moon! But Omega doesn’t simply sit idly on its laurels. It further evolves its Speedmaster Racing series. At present, the Speedmaster is available in five different dial colors: black, white, silver, blue, and red.

Barely 40mm in diameter, it looks pretty small compared to other prevalent 44-46 mm designs. It compensates for its smaller size by being flashier than its counterparts. With awesome color combinations, the Omega Speedmaster is surely spectacular. However, its most important innovation is not visible on the surface but lies beneath it. The Speedmaster Racing is equipped with the “Omega Caliber 3330 chronograph movement.” This movement features a coaxial escapement as well as silicon hair springs. Despite this innovation, this watch still relies on manual winding movement.


Hublot-Ferrari All Black Automatic Chronograph Limited EditionHublot-Ferrari All Black Automatic Chronograph Limited Edition

Uniquely designed as a masterpiece, the Hublot-Ferrari Chronograph features a gray-colored open dial that bares some of its mechanical gearworks! Its 45.5mm diameter round case is made of satin-black PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) ceramic with a fixed black ceramic bezel.

Its looks will surely add some swagger to your walk. This limited-edition watch carries the brand’s clear identity that combines tradition and innovation. The design is superbly cutting-edge and unparalleled. It is definitely a fitting tribute to the car that it represents.

The buckle and the case are also meticulously crafted from dark black PVD titanium with an awesome rubber strap. This watch epitomizes what a car racing enthusiast should be wearing.


Bremont Jaguar Mk. III (BJIIIK) AutomaticBremont Jaguar Mk. III (BJIIIK) Automatic

The Bremont of London is another automotive-themed timepiece that is excellently designed to complement the sport-racing cars manufactured by Jaguar. The Jaguar Mk III is the 3rd model of these dashboard-inspired Jaguar-dialed watches.

As a self-winding watch, powered by a Bremont Caliber BE-36AE automatic movement engine, this watch is awe-inspiring. It features a round stainless steel case measuring 43mm along with calfskin leather straps. Taking its cue from the car it represents, this watch will complement your style and bestow on you a conspicuous sense of bravado. Get your pulse racing beneath this fabulous watch as you hear the growl of an excellently-tuned engine!


Porsche Design Timepiece No. 1Porsche Design Timepiece No. 1

Porsche Design is a well-known name in the field of men’s accessories for cars. Although Timepiece No. 1 looks like a typical diver’s watch, it is a very compelling wristwatch for race car drivers and fans. As the first wristwatch offering from Porsche, the Timepiece No.1 is definitely worth buying and keeping.

The Timepiece No.1 is an all-black 42mm diameter case with a black dial, white hands, and dial markers along with a solitary red hand for seconds. Its dial is bordered by a bidirectional bezel with tachymetric inscriptions topped with a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal with an antireflective coating.

The case and bezel are constructed from titanium and painted using a PVD process. Porsche Design was the pioneering company in the use of PVD painting processes. A display window is furnished at its backside to showcase the Swiss ETA Valijoux 7750 automatic chronograph self-winding movement that powers this watch.


Sisu Carburetor Q4Sisu Carburetor Q4

The Sisu Carburetor Q4 utilizes surgical grade 316L stainless steel for its impact-forged, precision machine-sculpted casing that exhibits the Swiss ETA F06.161 3-hand quartz movement. Measuring 50mm in diameter and 13.5mm thickness, this watch has a dial that is greatly influenced by the instrument gauge design of previous eras.

The cream-colored dial has an all-around marker with minute numbers that are reminiscent of pressure-gauge markings. The hands are coated with a SuperLumiNova luminescent compound, and the dial and hands are topped with an anti-reflective coating. Distinctly unique and sporty, this watch is surely an awesome addition to any man’s wrist.


Traser P68 PathfinderTraser P68 Pathfinder

The P68 Pathfinder, as a “tactical” watch, features a self-powered GTLS (Gaseous Tritium Light Source) or “Trigalight!” This provides this watch with remarkable visibility in darkness!

This watch also sports an operable compass bezel underneath its sapphire crystal. Its initial black hue readily accentuates the remarkable benefits of the Trigalight technology. At present, it’s also available in “midnight blue.” The hands and dial, which comes with a 12-hour marker along its dial periphery and Arabic numeral inscription, showcases the watch’s versatility and uniqueness.

The watch also features a PVD coated stainless steel case with a 46mm diameter. Moreover, it comes with a colored NATO-standard wrist strap. The Traser P68 Pathfinder is definitely a fitting addition to the list of spectacular watches for car lovers and enthusiasts.