Best Sades Headset: 5 Top Affordable Headsets You Should Buy

Sades headsets cover a wide range of uses, from enjoying the streaming of your latest show to gaming with your friends to managing a conference call from home. You will need to pay attention to the intended use as some top PC headsets offer a different set of options, and they are designed with different functionalities as the primary focus. It is important to understand the intended use for the different types so that you can make the right purchase the first time.

SADES A60/OMGSADES A60/OMG Adjustable Headset

This stylish, black and white headset is large with ear coverings that are incredibly comfortable for hours worth of gaming. They are designed to fit any head size and ear shape/size. Be aware that the microphone is meant to rest inside the headset. This means you will need to pull the mic out for it to have optimal communication with other gamers.

The headset includes the following features:

  • Compatible with Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10) and Mac
  • 7 ft braided cord that plugs into any USB port
  • Gaming mic nestled within the headset when not in use
  • Volume control on the device (so you won’t need to adjust using your computer)
  • Downloadable software to access all of the features
  • Plug and play ready (you don’t need to download the software to start using the product)
  • High magnetic driver units for improved sound quality

As the headsets are intended to enhance the gaming experience, they are made of very sturdy plastic and are well cushioned around the ears and top of the head. The 7-foot braided cord is one of the most frequently mentioned surprises by customers as it is considerably more durable than most headphone cords. You will be able to pack them into your bag without having to worry as much about damaging either the headset or its cord.

However, this particular Sades headset is not without a few drawbacks. It is not wireless, which can be problematic. For people who prefer to play console games, this is definitely not the right product because it is only compatible with computers.

Do be aware of the location of the mic. Users have also failed to realize that to properly use the microphone they need to pull it out of the headset. One of the most common complaints is that the sound quality for communication is terrible, but numerous customers said that once they realized why the sound quality was so bad (they had left the mic resting in the headset), the quality of communication was exemplary.

Ultimately, it is a really good buy for the price. While they are very durable, you do need to be careful not to be too forceful with the mic. Some users found that it did not work as well after a few months. As others did not have this problem, to ensure the longevity of your purchase don’t be unnecessarily forceful as you extend and retract the mic.

The Sades A60/OMG headset is newly updated and one of the basic models of Sades headsets. If you are primarily interested in using them for gaming several hours at a time, they are probably the best model for your needs.



If you are interested in a Sades gaming headset that is more basic, the GW Sades SA902 may be more along the lines of what you need. It has many of the same functions, but the focus is on PC gaming, not versatility with other needs (such as conference calls).

With a very sturdy plastic headband in black and orange, the look is decidedly different. However, the comfort and durability of the headset are as high quality as you have come to expect from the Sades brand name.

The headset includes the following features:

  • Compatible with Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10) and Mac
  • Adjustable head band for better fit
  • 4-piece padding on the ear cups and headband to ensure comfort during long gaming sessions.
  • Ventilation for the ears
  • Cord that plugs into any USB port
  • Braided cord for durability
  • Adjustable, omnidirectional mic (helps to reduce outside noise)
  • Exterior LED light to indicate when the headset is in use
  • Downloadable software to access all of the features

The headgear includes a number of adjustment functions, which makes it easy to fit the headgear around your glasses. Because of the additional cushioning, the ear pieces will not press your frames into the side of your head.

Although the description says that it is for PC gaming, some customers have reported that this particular Sades headset does work with the PS4. For those who can only game at night and want to minimize how much they disturb others in the household, this could be a particularly useful feature that is not widely known.

The sound quality may not be as good as some of the higher-end headphones, but the quality should not be a distraction. Since this gaming headset is not meant to be used for conferences or movies that tend to rely on sound quality, few customers have taken issue with the slightly diminished sound. This is particularly true considering the lower cost with many of the same benefits.

If you do have issues with the sound, it could also be an indication that you need to adjust the headset. This is particularly true after the initial breaking in period. Taking a minute or so to readjust the headset can significantly improve the sound quality.

The most frequent complaint is that the surround sound doesn’t work quite as well as expected. While a number of buyers reported mild disappointment, they generally were satisfied with the product as the stereo sound works beautifully.



This is the first Sades headset on the list that is touted as being for both computers and consoles. It is also the first set listed that comes with several choices for the color (as long as you are looking for different shades of blue). Given both of these facts, you may be surprised to find that it has occasionally been sold for less than the other two, although it typically sells for a bit more.

Sometimes called the top gaming headset, if you are an avid gamer you may want to consider the SA708 GT headset over the others (even when it isn’t on sale for less).

It includes the following features:

  • Compatibility with Mac, PC, PS4, iPhone, several other types of smartphones, iPads, and several other tablet brands
  • Additional shielding to eliminate interference from electromagnetic and radio frequencies
  • Enhanced sound for a more enjoyable gaming experience
  • Leather padding for ears and the head rest
  • Mic with full 120 range of mobility for better accommodations for your current activity (including having it completely out of the way)
  • Built in volume control
  • Multiple choices of blue styles

Essentially, any device that has a jack for headphones will accommodate this headset. However, you will need to be more cautious with the cord at it is the first product on this list that does not include braiding. If you don’t tend to be rough on your cords, then you shouldn’t have any issues. Just be aware that you will need to be more wary when you plug it into a console because you do not want to roll over it with a chair or a vacuum.

In terms of cancelling surrounding sound, this is probably your best bet because it was designed for ease of use away from home. The fact that you can simply click the volume control on the headset is also incredibly useful. For example, if you are playing a game on your computer and get a Skype call, you can quickly adjust the volume so that the ringing is not painfully loud without having to use your mouse.

Like the other two products, the fact that you can adjust the mic means that it is easier to store. However, you still need to be careful how you handle the mic as it is also the component that seems to break first.

The headset reviews for the SA708 GT are overwhelmingly positive. The majority of the negative feedback comes for those who either have not used this type of headphone (they didn’t realize that for full use of the feature, you have to download software) or for people who purchased used versions. Plug and play means you can use it immediately, but you need to do more to access everything.

Overall, this is the best Sades headphone set to buy if you don’t want to be limited to playing only with devices that have USB ports.


GW SADES SA928 Pro Gaming HeadsetGW SADES SA928 Pro Gaming Headset

If you are an avid fan of first person shooters, this is probably the product you will enjoy the most. The focus of this particular set of Sades headphones has been frequently reviewed as providing a heavy focus on bass (one headset review even warned against using them for music unless all you want to hear is the bass).

When it comes to gaming, though, this is almost perfect, as long as you aren’t playing an MMPORG where the music is what helps set the ambiance.

The following are the standard features for the GW Sades SA928 Pro:

  • Compatible with PC, Sony (including PS3, PS4, and some smart TVs), and Xbox 360
  • Purchase of an adaptor allows it to work with your Xbox One
  • One of the most durable models that is also very lightweight
  • Silicone parts (such as mic and ear padding) for a more comfortable fit
  • Specially designed rubber wire that can handle rougher treatment
  • Specialized ear cups for maximum comfort and better noise cancellation

This headset is generally more expensive than the previous models listed because it is designed for better interaction with other players. The focus of the mic and headset is for communication. If you also need to manage conference calls, these headphones allow you to deal with work just as easily as it lets you play games.

The price also reflects the sturdier build of the headphones. While the sets only come in orange and black, they are more resistant to wear and tear than many other headsets (including other brands). Headset reviews for the audio were positive.

The biggest reported problem by customers was that the mic was not as durable as they needed it to be. Several reported that it did not last more than a couple of months. Although the quality of the sound remained the same, the gamers had difficulty communicating. Other gamers were not pleased with how short the mic was, although this can usually be fixed by adjusting it to better capture your voice.

The other issue tends to be with the length of the cord. As it is shorter than some of the other cords, it is more restrictive and makes it easier for the jack to be knocked out of the device. If you tend to play at a computer where distance is not as much of an issue, you will not likely encounter any issues. The players who reported issues with the cord were still few in number. Just be aware before making your final purchase.

If you are looking for a headset that is more versatile than just for gaming, the GW Sades SA928 Proshould be one of your top choices. It is compatible with several game consoles, but with superior sound cancellation, it is ideal for uses beyond just gaming.



It is expected that any Sades headset will be remarkably comfortable while offering the best in sound quality and microphone use. However, the Sades A60 Pro gaming headset takes comfort, ease of use, and features to a new level.

It is the only headset that also comes in two different colors (black/orange and black/blue). There is additional cushioning in the headrest so that you hardly notice you are wearing the headset as you game.

The mic is built into the left headphone, making it easy to store when not in use. It is easily the top model on this list, and the price reflects the higher quality.

The Sades A60 Pro includes the following features:

  • Multiple versions, including one that is high quality alloy
  • Highly effective noise cancelling ability
  • Extreme comfort
  • Microphone that is designed for optimal use (whether while you are using it or storing it)
  • 7.1 channel surround sound
  • Vibration during gaming

Easily the top rated product on this list, customers were amazed at both the quality and the comfort. Several customers commented that for the price it was considerably better than they had anticipated. Others couldn’t believe how much more comfortable this particular Sades headset was compared to their previous headset (regardless of brand).

The biggest drawback to this particular headset is the issues some gamers have encountered when trying to use it with Windows 10. There are forums on how to rectify the problem, but it could still be a bit of a detraction from all of the other amazing capabilities.

It is plug and play, so a number of users said that they elected to just use them as is instead of going through the Windows 10 issues. The final determination for most of these users was that it was still perfectly fine because the surround sound worked without going through any additional work.

There have been a few minor complaints that the headset was a little heavier than expected and the LED lights that don’t turn off if the headset is plugged into the computer (even if the computer is asleep). Most gaming headsets are a bit heavier since they have so much technology built into them. This point is largely one of preference, but check the weight of the headset you are considering before purchasing it. The LED lights are intended to be on as long as the headphones are active. As they can be active even if the computer is asleep, this is not much of a surprise. However, customers who noted this thought it was an incredibly minor problem, especially given everything else that they loved about the Sades A60 Pro.


Sades Headsets are great for gaming

Sades is a well-known name brand among gaming headsets because we understand what gamers need. We also understand that customers will want versatility. This is why we have designed a number of different models for specific uses.

One of the few things we haven’t adopted is the vibration feature that some other brands use, but this tends to be a preference for gamers as vibrations can be just another distraction when playing outside the home. The exception is the Sades A60 Pro, which gives gamers a similar experience as a game pad.

The quality of the sound and mic will depend on how much you spend on the Sades headphones. Most customers are very pleased with their purchases. However, it is best to take the time to go through the reviews for the different headsets to see if there are reported problems that are a deal breaker for you.

What to look for based on intended use

One of the reasons that people choose Sades headsets is because they offer high quality goods with the latest technology at a very affordable price. While you can easily find a headset that will meet your current needs, you need to spend some time thinking about what functions are required and which ones would be nice to have.

Some aspects to consider when considering Sades headsets are pretty universal, like cost, while others are specific to the intended use.


The price is going to vary based on the intended use and functionality. Make sure to set a budget before you get your heart set on a particular Sades headset only to find out that the cost of that particular headset is more than you are willing to spend.


Some headsets are only compatible with PCs, others can be used with any kind of computer, and the most versatile ones can be used with any computer or gaming console. If you are a Mac user who also wants to use the headset for the PS4, we strongly recommend that you consider getting a headset that can work with both. It will prevent you from needing another set later.


Know what features are required and what you would like to have. When you begin shopping, knowing what you need will speed up the process, as well as making sure you are more likely to be satisfied with your purchase. The features you need will depend on how you primarily use the headsets.  The following are some common features in Sades headsets:

  • Microphone
  • Noise canceling
  • Audio control
  • Ear padding (particularly for gaming)


When you are ready to make your purchase pay attention to the location of the seller. When you shop at places like Amazon, the seller can be literally be anywhere in the world, and this may affect features, particularly if you need to download and the seller is located in a country that has a different official language. You may not get the full benefit if you buy your Sades headset from a Chinese seller because the serial number is associated with a Chinese website, which probably is not going to be in English.