The 12 Best Rubber Watch Straps

Humans, since antiquity, have always been meticulous about time, and most people over the centuries have used many different ways to measure this phenomenon. With the constant demands for instruments that can measure time, it became necessary for the industry responsible for the creation and design of these instruments to birth new timepieces and innovate on existing ones.

There has been regular progress of the study of time over the last century, and since the industry witnessed widespread execution of clear-cut machinery, ground-breaking mechanical apparatus, and recently accepted styles, there is still some part of the wrist-wear world that has not changed: the straps. But some dedicated manufacturers do create these components in accordance with the needs and tastes of their customers.

Rubber straps were intended to be the ideal strap to use in the water without any fear of damage. But even most dive watches sold today will spend their lives as “desk divers” and never really spend time submerged in water. That okay, though, because a rubber strap is useful not only in an aquatic environment but any time, especially when you sweat. Pickup ball games, for example, or during quarrels with your siblings over who gets ownership of the TV remote for the evening. With its durability and flexibility, rubber is the ideal material, and it’s also the simplest type of strap to wash.

Below are the 12 best rubber watch straps in the industry, from the popular variants to the world’s most supple synthetic products. Pick one and change most customizable part of your watch to your liking.

Everest Curved End Rubber StrapEverest Curved End Rubber Strap

Everest’s prestigious rubber straps are the zenith in the world of rubber straps, flaunting a perfect fit that is uniquely custom-made to be the business’ top-of-the-line watch models. The Curved End rubber strap, specifically, has been created to fit the precise details put forward by the fantastic Swiss watch company, Rolex, for use on their most noticeable variants.

Seven modified colors contain Everest’s far-reaching rubber strap contributions, from blue, dark, green, orange and, right to white, and red. giving you an ideal chance to express yourself, regardless of the event. In any case, it does not end there; the company’s first class offering is likewise UV-, dust-, water-, and chemical-resistant, which is due to Everest’s precise exactness vulcanized Swiss rubber, which brags the title “most astounding quality rubber strap on the planet.”

Also, you won’t need to stress over a comfortable fit for a long time, on account of the brand’s famously light bands, and for the individuals who are more “touchy” to rubber material, rest guaranteed; the Curved End rubber strap is also hypoallergenic.


Shinola 24mm StrapShinola 24mm Strap

You can consider Detroit, Michigan’s Shinola brand to be one of our preferred watchmaker because the organization’s 24mm elastic watch rubber strap is quite possibly the best that the business brings to the table. Much the same as the remainder of the brand’s significant contributions, the 24mm dark elastic rubber does not frustrate, bringing comfort and toughness to the front line.

Shinola’s bands are made from rubber made in America with a nitrile base. Nitrile has rapidly turned into the business standard for top-of-the-line watch straps on account of its protection from oil, sweat, synthetic concoctions, cold, and heat. Even better, a noteworthy segment of the R&D for the 24mm has gone into comfort and wearability, guaranteeing a satisfactory fit all day, no matter what you’re doing.


ISOfrane 1968ISOfrane 1968

ISOfrane bands from the ‘60s signified the zenith of practical, relaxing strap innovation targeted at those who dive for professional reasons. The organization was the O.E.M. strap maker for models from Square, Omega, Aquastar, Tissot, and Scubapro, and it was proficient scuba divers that trusted the original ISOfrane bands to ensue their timepieces remained solidly joined to their wrists. The notable “ladder” strap came with the Omega PloProf and signified one of the primary utilization of manufactured rubber outside of the automobile.

However, during the ‘80s, ISOfrane ceased operations, but because of their high quality, the prices for vintage models have skyrocketed on auction sites in recent years. Many isoflavones cleaned their bands with chemicals that ruin synthetic rubber, so very few have survived in the right conditions.

Fortunately, ISOfrane re-started in 2010, and you can now get the 1968 model, an update of the of their original ladder strap. This new strap is available in different colors and uses a blend of synthetic, hypoallergenic rubber. Several types of loops in are available in various finishes, including forged and hand-finished, stamped and sandblasted. You can also order a strap with an extension for your wetsuit if you wish.

The ISOfrane 1968 comes with a 12-month warranty and is specially designed strap for experienced divers, and its price is a testament to that. But again, you do not need to be an avid diver to enjoy the kind of thinking and quality inherent in this very comfortable strap, and anyone who enjoys playing sports or wears watches in the pool, at the beach, or in the shower can use one.


Nodus' Tropic Rubber StrapNodus’ Tropic Rubber Strap

Nodus’ Tropic Rubber strap takes notes from a portion of the industry’s top-of-the-line offerings, giving the style and solidness of higher class builds yet at a reasonable monetary value. Also, in the same way as other offerings on this list, the company accentuates the legacy of the Tropic lash. It incorporates a gently scented rubber with no lint (or dust) attracting silicone and a durable band that can oppose heat, water, oil, and other outer external factors that can bring damage to the strap. All this while featuring a vintage style to enlarge your most prized wrist-wear. To make it more pleasing, Nodus’ rubber strap contains N.B.R. rubber, a light material that won’t leave your wrist feeling over-burdened when you wear your watch.


Zuludiver Vintage TropicZuludiver Vintage Tropic

Zuludiver’s Vintage Tropic rubber straps are an ideal case of intentional wrist-wear embellishments, bringing various imperative qualities like ultraviolet ray protection, environmental protection, and custom-made style into the domain of regular wear. The organization’s Vintage strap was propelled by the first Swiss Tropical rubber strap that enhanced a significant number of the most productive dive watches from the 1960s, in the long run changing from the era of outdoor wear to that of the extravagance timepiece era.

From prestigious watchmakers like Blancpain and Tudor all the way to the apex of Swiss craftsmanship, Rolex, these great N.B.R. rubber straps have been intended to give the most extreme quality, protection, and balance to your beloved wrist-wear. Even better, Zuludiver’s Vintage Tropic flaunts huge salt-water and U.V. resistance, settling it as a perfect choice for everything from high style wear down to specialized diving.


Otto Frei's Swiss Tropic StrapOtto Frei’s Swiss Tropic Strap

Otto Frei’s Swiss Tropic is one of the most practical, beautiful rubber watch straps available, coming from the workshop of the company based in California, United States. This rubber strap is one of the best options out there for rubber strap lovers who like something that fits perfectly and looks beautiful.

While its 20mm buckle measure and 22mm buckle size keep up a predictable size all through, there are an assortment of contributions that are certain to meet your requirements — all owing to a 2 ¾“clasp end, 4 ¾” tongue end, and a useful scope of 3 ¾” to 6 ¾”; it’s very reasonable to state that the Swiss Tropic rubber watch strap includes all that you would ever ask for from a multi-purpose silicone elastic watch strap.


Watch Gecko Zuludiver Polyurethane NDL StrapWatch Gecko Zuludiver Polyurethane NDL Strap

Rubber is a unique watch band material in many respects, one of them being that you can write on it or emboss useful information right on the band itself. The Zuludiver PU NDL strap (quite a catchy name, right?) features a non-decompression limit chart printed on the band for your quick reference (the non-deco limits provide you the time that you can go down to certain depths without needing to decompress during the ascent). Although your dive computer can calculate these data more quickly and automatically, it’s handy to have then on your hand – well, wrist — and this offers an excellent way to have just that from back in the days before there were any computers. Just turn your wrist to see this information.

The bands are available in red, orange, blue, and black in sizes of 20 and 22mm. They all feature brushed stainless steel buckles and floating keepers. The rubber is water-resistant polyurethane that is perforated with a pattern of Tropic / racing holes. Although the design with its ribbed pattern resembling a wave near the horns is probably not suitable for everyone, it is flexible and comfortable. The touch of the table is very nice; you can also flip the band to see it or turn it inward, depending on what you want to show.


Barton Bands Elite Rubber StrapBarton Bands Elite Rubber Strap

Barton Bands’ Elite strap is one of the numerous quick-release variants of the plethora of watch straps out there in the market that has earned its reputation inside the watch community because of its premium finished top. It includes a tough 316L treated steel clasp that won’t curve, twist, or break, with just as a 2mm decrease from the head (where the watch sits) to the lower end of the silicone fringe. A significant 70A durometer, highly malleable silicone makes up the essential segment of the lash, while a coordinated speedy discharge spring bar takes into account snappy, bother free swaps between various styles, types, and hues, without the requirement for devices. Even better, every individual strap accompanies two included lengths to guarantee a satisfactory fit, every time.

The silicone used is very comfortable and features a high-quality textured top with a smooth, matching color or contrasting background. Two lengths, one long and one short, are included with each band, which means that there is no way to end up with a belt that does not fit, no matter how large your wrist is. Each bracelet has a 2mm cone from the watch’s head to the buckle, as well as two floating rubber fasteners.

For $20, there is a ton of choices and value here. There are five buckle colors available, including stainless gold, rose gold, steel, black, and gunmetal. You also have a choice of 16 different strap colors, which means that no matter what type of watch you have, you’ll have no problem finding a Barton to accompany it.


Uncle Seiko Tropic Rubber StrapUncle Seiko Tropic Rubber Strap

The Swiss-made Tropic rubber strap is a standout amongst the most cherished elastic models of the 1960s. With its sheer size, precious stone formed obvious example, and waffle design on the switch side, a Tropic is a very stylish choice. Used as an option in contrast to the hardened steel wristbands of the time, Tropics regularly transported on Blancpain’s Fifty Fathoms, the L.I.P. Nautic, and different Super Compressor-cased watches, including the first I.W.C. Aquatimer. Unfortunately, unique models from the 1960s have not held up well after some time, implying that finding a vintage one can be a troublesome, expensive suggestion.

In light of the developing prevalence of the vintage models, different organizations have revived the structure and started delivering their very own variations. Uncle Seiko, which makes quality post-retail, straps in different styles, makes its very own dark Tropic variety for $40, which is a fair deal for the quality. While the 19mm and 20mm sizes ship with a standard clasp, the new form of the 22mm highlights an updated, increasingly sturdier jumper style clasp for use with big watches. All sizes incorporate thick, 2.5mm spring bars for a protected fit to your watch.


Joseph Bonnie Tropic Rubber StrapJoseph Bonnie Tropic Rubber Strap

Joseph Bonnie’s Tropic rubber strap has been made to help those with allergies inside the rubber embellished watch realm, springing an appealing design along with world-class protections. The band centers on its pledge to the grand style and offers a wide range of colors and an inescapable legacy that pays homage the most inspiring dive watches of the ‘1960s and ’70s.

Bonnie’s Tropic flaunts various famous qualities, from run-of-the-mill round punctures and a secure, tempered steel clasp, right on to the Easy-Bar framework that gives you a chance to swap styles, hues, and sizes quickly. You’ll enjoy the comfortable, adaptable construction made of flexible silicone that is sure not to bother anyone’s allergy sensitivities. To promote the strap’s authenticity, the Tropic band is impervious to saltwater, so you won’t need to mull over wearing it on your next surfing trip.


Hirsch Accent Rubber StrapHirsch Accent Rubber Strap

Hirsch’s Accent Rubber Strap is an undertaking that centers on both lifespan and reliability. It sports a bunch of fascinating attributes, from “unequaled” water-obstruction and a perplexing grid surface that separates it from the competition, right to the tear-proof properties and a discretionary quick-release fastener that gives you a chance to swap out styles, hues, and lengths effortlessly.

These straps are hand-made utilizing premium Caoutchouc, a natural rubber that is strong, comfortable, and light, giving your true serenity when wearing the Accent with your most beloved wrist-wear. This exceptional embellishment was worked on to withstand anything, and, according to the company’s statement of purpose, it’s been customized to satisfy the majority of the requirements of any ardent traveler, making it a discernable decision for those people who have chosen to spend their lives “on edge.”


Hirsch Urbane Natural Rubber StrapHirsch Urbane Natural Rubber Strap

An utterly modern strap, the Hirsch Urbane Natural Rubber model is striking for looking particularly like a leather model regarding its size and taper. The Urbane is tear-proof, water-resistant and impervious to UV light, extreme temperatures, and chemicals. It’s ideal for individuals with skin that is profoundly sensitive. With an incorporated accuracy edge and a floating keeper, this is a supple, super-relaxing rubber strap that is significantly more graceful more than it is technical looking.

The Urbane natural rubber strap is produced using premium Caoutchouc (unvulcanized elastic) and is roughly 120mm x 80mm long; the 20mm variation decreases to 16mm at the buckle, while the 22mm decreases to 18mm. Any of the alternatives gives you a lot of buckle decisions to choose from, including gold, silver, brushed or dark. While the Urbane will work superbly well as a dive strap for most divers, it’s additionally a decent choice for somebody with delicate skin who’s searching for a rubber option in contrast to a leather or lizard/alligator strap on a dress watch.