The 44 Best Long Hairstyles for Men

Long hairstyles are no longer just for surfers and rock stars. There is a large community of men that are now rocking those long locks, and getting some good attention in the meantime. Whether you chose to grow out your hair for style, or you just got lazy and didn’t cut it for many years, you’re going to see that there is so much that you can do with long hair. Here are the 44 of the best long hairstyles for men.

long-hair-men long-hair-men man-with-groomed-long-hair Long-Hairstyle-for-Men Long-Hairstyle-for-Men Long-Hairstyle-for-Men Long-Hairstyle-for-Men Long-Hairstyle-for-Men

Long-Hairstyle-for-Men -image by Kondo Photography/cultura/Corbis

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Long Hair Trends for Men

  1. Slick Back: The slick back look is debonair, easy to achieve, and clean. If you have fine hair, it will be simple to pull it back with a little gel for a nice, shiny hold. Curly hair is going to need a bit more product to slick back. Keep in mind that this look is not really an achievable hairstyle for men who have very coarse or dense hair. In this case, you might need to secure the hair back with a hair tie and then use gel to smooth out any flyaways.
  1. Ponytail: There’s nothing more classic than a ponytail, and men can rock this look just as well as women can. This is perfect for those who don’t want to spend a long time styling their hair, and are going for a clean, natural look. It’s possible to turn this into a distressed ponytail for a bit more of a disheveled vibe.
  1. Textured Waves: And you thought textured waves were just for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. Men can create wonderfully textured waves using products that contain salt, such as a mist. Have you noticed how after a day at the beach your hair is naturally wavy? This is due to the sea salt in the water, and there are several products on the market that help you to achieve that look in the comfort of your own bathroom.
  1. Man Bun: You’ve seen the man bun, and no doubt, you have coveted it. Creating a man bun is simple enough, but there’s so much variety when it comes to making the ideal bun. The most popular is perhaps the low bun that is formed at the nape of the neck, but you can also do a high bun, piling the hair on top of your head.
  1. Finding Your Part: One of the most important things that men need to do with long hair is to find the natural part. For many, that’s right down the center, but some will find that their hair falls better when the part is on the side. If you want an extreme side part, this is a very simple and sexy look that allows the locks to fall partially in front of your face.
  1. Half-Up: This is perfect for those who want to get the hair off their face, but still keep the drama of loose hair. That means that you’re getting length and clean lines at the same time. Just because you have long hair doesn’t mean that you have to hide your face. Simply pull half the hair up into a mini bun or ponytail and you’re good to go.
  1. Braids: There are a lot of options when it comes to man braids. You can either braid the entire head, which usually requires a professional, or you can simply braid parts of your hair and leave the rest straight. No matter what you choose, the difficulty involved pertains to keeping those braids clean. Be sure to stock up on dry shampoo.
  1. Long Curls: If you want to take the wavy look one step further then indulge in some long curls. Should you have naturally curly hair, you can accentuate this by crimping your hair when it is damp. This adds more volume. You never want to comb through very curly hair with a traditional brush, as this will turn your gorgeous curls to fluff.
  1. Long and Straight: This is probably the gold standard for long male hair. If you don’t have naturally straight hair, it’s possible to achieve this using a flat iron, then be sure to use a serum or gel to tame any flyaways. Long, sleek hair is sexy, clean, and dramatic. This style also works great along with highlights and lowlights.