The 15 Best left-handed watches

Being left-handed can really be a pain. You spent the entirety of your schooling learning how to adjust to right-handed desks. You’re still trying to figure out how to write long-form without getting pen ink or pencil led on your wrist. Maybe worst of all, you can’t find a watch that you don’t have to wear on your right hand. Being a southpaw comes with its difficulties, but at the very least, with a little digging, you can find a watch that caters to left-handed people.

Long-gone are the days of struggling to read the time, embarrassing yourself whenever someone asks. With a left-handed watch, you can wear your watch comfortably on your non-dominant hand and fire off the time without hesitation. Right-handed watches may seem to make up the vast majority of the watch market, but the following left-handed watches prove that there is an excellent selection for all you southpaws.

When in need of a new timepiece, consider these best left-handed watches.

Sinn Diving Watch U1000Sinn Diving Watch U1000

What is the most essential trait of your watch? Is it whether or not it’s made from a German Submarine Steel that’s both incredibly strong and resistant to water? If so, look no further than the Sinn Diving Watch U1000. Just by looking at this heavy-duty diving watch, you can tell it was designed to withstand not only the elements but unexpected high impact, and the Tegiment scratch-resistant technology of the case drives home this fact.

Beyond build quality, wearers will be treated to a 60-second scale stopwatch, reading optimized mission timer, a strong sapphire crystal glass, and resistance to pressures of up to 3,280 ft. The diver’s bezel is built with a guard that ensures you won’t accidentally adjust the setting while non-screwable, flat push-buttons were utilized to be compatible with diver’s gloves.


Invicta Men’s 3330 Force CollectionInvicta Men’s 3330 Force Collection

Made from stainless steel, this Japanese quartz, analog display left-handed watch will survive even the most active of wearers. The window is made from a mineral crystal, which amplifies protection of the components without sacrificing the watch’s aesthetic.

Attached to a comfortable black wristband with attractive contrast stitching, the watch is also feature rich and includes a date window, crown and pushers on the left side for optimal left-handed use, and chronograph subdials. Not only is it an elegant and durable watch, the Invicta 3330 is also water resistant for up to 330 ft. The gold coloring pops against the black band and will look right at home on your wrist.


Citizen Men’s Eco-Drive Sport WatchCitizen Men’s Eco-Drive Sport Watch

The unique look of this simplistic professional diver watch isn’t a testament to how functional it is. The Citizen Men’s Eco-Drive features a dial with large, easy-to-read digits and an oversized pair of hands that also help visibility once in the water. A 48mm stainless steel case and mineral dial window provide an attractive pairing while still retaining durability.

The black band is sleek but efficient, ensuring the watch remains fastened even with heavy use. The rubber bands and buckle closure keep it clasped in place despite how deep you dive with it, and with a resistance of up to 1,000ft, that’s peace of mind every diver would want. Finishing off the practical elegance of Citizen’s sports watch is a Japanese quartz movement that looks into an analog display.


Invicta’s 1847 Russian Diver Mechanical WatchInvicta’s 1847 Russian Diver Mechanical Watch

A far cry aesthetically from Invicta’s 3330 Force Collection watch, the Russian Diver Mechanical Watch is a uniquely designed but incredibly functional timepiece. Though it may look more on the decorative side, the skeleton dial doesn’t hinder the watch’s ability to remain water resistant for up to 165ft, making it perfect for casual swimmers.

Crafted from a flame-fusion crystal, black ion-plated stainless steel case, and Japanese mechanics, the Russian Diver is not only appealing to the eye, it’s undeniably durable. A 60-second subdial adds features to an others uncomplicated dial. The rose gold coloring of the watch’s skeleton dial contrasts nicely against the black and rose gold band and black and grey hand and hour markers.


Omega Men’s Stainless Steel Swiss WatchOmega Men’s Stainless Steel Swiss Watch

What makes a good watch? Functionality? The way it looks? How comfortable it is? How about all three? Omega tackles each of these concerns with its stainless steel Swiss watch, which goes for a traditional style enhanced by attractive features.

A 45 mm stainless steel case is finished off with a synthetic-sapphire dial window, which should prevent scratches over the life of the watch. The analog display is easy-to-read with a grey numbered bezel and attractive black dial. The left-handed pusher only further solidifies this as a watch designed for all southpaws. While not labeled as a diver’s watch, it is capable of withstanding depths of up to 1,980ft.


Tudor Pelagos LHDTudor Pelagos LHD

The price tag may be a little terrifying at first, but what you get with this Tudor watch is well worth every penny. The Ceramic matt black disk kicks off the attractive and durable design while the titanium bracelet further enhances the look and strength of the timepiece. Tudor’s Pelagos LHD can withstand a lot, including water depths of up to 1,640ft.

The internal rotor is self-winding and bidirectional while the face of the watch features a small but visible date reading and elegant features like ivory numbering and hands. The design isn’t big on extra features, which help to keep the focus on what really matters.

Available in three different models – a blue disc, black and ivory disc, and black and white disc – the Tudor Pelagos left-handed watch will go with a great array of outfits.


PUMA Men’s Ultrasize AnalogPUMA Men’s Ultrasize Analog

Puma may not be the first brand you think of when you consider men’s watches, but its analog sport watch is a surprising addition to the many options out there. It’s a simple design that really plays on Puma’s brand. Don’t expect a myriad of features, but for its price, you get exactly what you’d want – a quality left-handed timepiece.

The black disc and black hands are contrasted by red accents at the Arabic “3” and “8” marking. A durable plastic band will keep this watch in place while the overall design has been rated for water resistance at up to 330ft. The 50mm metal case is topped with plastic dial window rond off an easy-to-love design that will look good on any wrist.


SEVENFRIDAY M-Series M2/01 WatchSEVENFRIDAY M-Series M2/01 Watch

SEVENFRIDAY’s M-Series M2/01 watch is a unique take on a classic design, one that may not be for everyone but for those it resonates with, it’s bound to be a classic. Telling time on this unique timepiece is done through three rotating discs rather than standard hands. The yellow disc and black font are easy to read, making time keeping a breeze despite the unusual mechanics.

The case is a 47 x 47.6mm stainless steel while the internal engine runs automatically with a 40 hour power reserve. Each component was sandblaster for a nicer finish and lends to a complete aesthetic that will surely draw attention. The glass face is a hardened, anti-reflective mineral glass that will prevent scratching and prolong the life of this left-handed timepiece.

The M2/01 is NFC enabled and can be connected to the SEVENFRIDAY Android app, further enhancing it as more than just your basic watch.


Omega Seamaster PLOPROF 1200MOmega Seamaster PLOPROF 1200M

Designed specifically with divers in mind, the Omega Seamaster is everything one would need for their excursion out into the deep blue. It also makes for a great timepiece for those wanting to add a little pizazz to their wardrobe. To get an elegant design with a practical and functional purpose from a high-end watch manufacturer, you’re going to spend quite a bit, and the PLOPROF 1200M is definitely high in price.

For the price tag, however, you do get a reliable watch that’s capable of withstanding depths of up to 4,000ft and is equipped with a chronometer, helium escape valve, bidirectional rotating bezel, titanium bracelet, titanium case, and screw-in crown. The crystal is a scratch-resistant sapphire that’s also anti-reflective.

Adding to the cost of the PLOPROF 1200M is an 18K Sedna gold touch to the case that shines against the titanium build and blue disc.


Invicta Men’s 2771 Force CollectionInvicta Men’s 2771 Force Collection

A brand known for its versatile designs and unique take on classic timepieces. The 2771 is a more classic look with a simple face, a comfortable leather band, and a simple pairing of colors that compliment any wardrobe. Though it may look simple in design, the 2771 is made from a durable Japanese-quartz display and features reliable chronograph subdials, an easy-to-read date window, and water resistance up to 330ft.

The off-white face contrasts the brown leather band for an elegant look that is great for everyday wear or for special occasions.


Apple Watch S3Apple Watch S3

Available in a 38mm and 42mm dimensions, the Apple Watch S3 may not technically be a left-handed watch, but it’s rotating display makes it versatile for both left- and right-handed individuals. Unlike standard watches, the Apple Watch focuses heavily on features, which come in the form of applications and smartphone connectivity.

Despite being a digital device, the S3 is water resistant up to 164ft. Definitely not a diver’s watch, but it will withstand a shallow swim or shower. The clock display can be digital or analog and can also display a barometric altimeter, a heart rate sensor, accelerometer, gyroscope, and is all contained within a durable sapphire crystal casing.


TAG Heuer Monaco Calibre 11TAG Heuer Monaco Calibre 11

TAG Heuer’s Monaco Calibre 11 may not look like your classic, high-end left-handed watch, but it most certainly is. Looking past the unusual design, the square facing is a 39mm diameter timepiece made from a steel alternate finishing case and fixed bezel.

The Calibre 11 offers two counters – one at 3 o’clock and one at 9 o’clock, each made of a silver opalin second hand and black lacquered minute hand. For easy reading, the date is located at the 6 o’clock hour. With a water resistance of up to 328ft, it may not be ideal for most divers, but it is well-suited for everyday wear.

Other design features that separated the Calbre 11 from many other left-handed watches is the alternate finishing steel screwed sapphire case, steel shaped push buttons at 4 and 2 o’clock, and a polished steel standard crown found at 9 o’clock.


Hamilton Khaki X-WindHamilton Khaki X-Wind

The Hamilton X-Wind may look like a big mess of numbers and dials, but the expertly designed face is easy to read once you understand what you’re looking at. A black disc contrasted with lighter silver and white features help everything pop, so whether you’re trying to read the date, chronograph, or time, you’ll be able to with ease.

The design is intentional as the X-Wind is designed for pilots, who need a face that can be read quickly. The Khaki X-Wind features the world’s first drift-angle calculator, which allows pilots to calculate and record crosswinds with ease.

For the average wearer, though, the X-Wind is a sleek and durable design with a brown leather strap for added appeal.


Officine Luminor 1950Officine Luminor 1950

Elegance is the name of the game with the Officine Panerai 1950. The sleek design is simple without sacrificing quality and appeal. The black dial contrasts gold numbering which all pop against the polished steel bezel. A sapphire see-through crystal makes up the back, completing the sleek look of this 47mm timepiece.

Featuring hand-wound mechanics, the 1950 has a three-day power reserve and runs on on a P.3000 calibre. The anti-shock will keep this left-handed watch running for the long haul while the near 330ft water resistance protects it in the shower or on a swim.


Nixon Chronicle SS WatchNixon Chronicle SS Watch

Black is such a sleek and elegant color, and the Nixon Chronicle SS left-handed watch uses it to max capacity for a timepiece that’s unlike any other. The 48.25mm case is mostly all black, with accented silver for the hands and a lighter shade for each hour. It’s also available in a shiny gunmetal, but no matter which model you go for, you’re going to wind up with a durable watch that runs on quartz. Despite the darker design, the white date is easily readable through a magnified window at the 9 o’clock hour.

Made from a stainless steel case, the Chronicle SS is water resistant for up to 330ft, which works for recreational swimming or snorkeling. All-in-all, however, this is the kind of watch you wear as part of a classy outfit and maybe not one you’d want to bring to the beach.