The 7 Best Fixed Frame Projector Screens

If you own a projector and use it on a regular basis, you definitely need a dedicated fixed frame projector screen to go with it.

Of course, you could just project your movies, slides, or images straight onto a white wall, but this method is detrimental to the overall image quality you get. Even if your wall is immaculately clean and has recently been repainted, it is still going to have some minor imperfections that hardly matter in everyday life but are undoubtedly going to stand out in your projected image. If you insist on using your projector without a proper screen, you are most likely wasting the potential of an awesome machine that can show you so much more than you’re already seeing.

Fortunately, a fixed frame projector screen doesn’t have to be an expensive purchase that feels like a hefty investment. There are some great screens available at very reasonable prices that will help you experience all the benefits of a dedicated projector screen without emptying your wallet. We have reviewed dozens of fixed frame projector screens, so let’s take a look at our top seven picks that we think are most worth purchasing.

Delux Screens 120-Inch Fixed Frame Projector ScreenDelux Screens 120-Inch Fixed Frame Projector Screen

The first item on our list is a very budget-friendly option that’s still capable of making your movie marathons with family and friends an unforgettable experience. The WhiteOut technology applied to the surface of the screen makes it Active 3D ready, so you can watch your favorite characters come to life in your home cinema! If 3D is not your thing, you can enjoy your movies in full 4K Ultra HD which always makes up for an amazing viewing experience. The flat, smooth surface of the screen absorbs projection overshoot, so your videos are always going to look crisp and detailed.

The screen has an ultralight frame made of aluminum that’s very easy to assemble even if you’re not into the whole DIY thing. Installing the frame is a breeze because all the necessary components are already in the box. Once it’s been installed properly, it’s going to stay in place thanks to the smart structure with multiple support units. Cleaning the screen is as uncomplicated as it gets; all you have to do is wipe it with water and soap.

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Elite Screens CineGrey 3D 100-Inch Fixed Frame Projector ScreenElite Screens CineGrey 3D 100-Inch Fixed Frame Projector Screen

This projector screen is made from CIneGrey 3D, a material that’s ISF certified and is capable of providing extremely accurate color representation. The aspect ratio of the screen is 16:9, which is currently the most widespread one and ensures full compatibility with all projectors and most media sources. You can watch videos in 8K HD on this screen, so 4K Ultra HD is not a problem for it either. In addition, the screen is Active 3D ready and can even be used for passive 3D thanks to the polarizing technology.

The frame of the Elite Screens CineGrey 3D is made from aluminum and has six separate pieces that are very easy to put together for installation. The Black Velvet finish of the frame was specifically chosen to enhance image contrast and absorb projector overshoot. In addition, it also contributes to the frame’s sleek, modern design that easily fits into most modern interiors. The screen comes with everything you need to assemble and install it, including adjustable fix plates and sliding wall mount brackets that help you center the unit on your wall.


Nierbo Frame 100-Inch Fixed Frame Projector ScreenNierbo Frame 100-Inch Fixed Frame Projector Screen

Nierbo produces some great interactive projectors at reasonable prices, so you might want to purchase a projector and screen combo if you’re looking for an affordable way to bring a classroom or conference hall up to modern tech standards. However, if you already own a projector and are looking for a good projector screen, you shouldn’t skip this one either; it has all the features of a mid-range projector screen and comes at around half the price. The viewing angles of this screen are surprisingly good, so your audience won’t have to sit directly in front of the screen to see what’s going on.

The CineWhite PVC material allows the screen to be silky smooth while retaining elasticity and the ability to fold for easy transportation and storage. The screen frame is made of aluminum and covered in quality velvet black finish to absorb projector overshoot and provide an experience that’s as close to a real cinema as possible. Thanks to the quality materials used for the frame and the screen itself, you can easily clean them with a soft rag and some soapy water.


Silver Tickets Products STR-169150 Fixed Frame Projector ScreenSilver Tickets Products STR-169150 Fixed Frame Projector Screen

If your home theater is situated in a large room, the chances are you’ll want to get a larger picture instead of just using the most widespread 100-inch screens. With this screen from Silver Tickets Products, you can efficiently utilize all the space your wall provides and get the ultimate viewing experience on a huge screen. At 150 inches, it will likely be enough for most non-commercial use scenarios you can imagine – viewing movies at home, playing games, or displaying slides.

The screen does not support 8K HD video viewing standard, but it does support 4K Ultra HD, which is the industry standard as of now and will likely remain relevant for years to come. Of course, you can also view your videos in Full HD, and Active 3D is supported as well.

The aluminum frame used for this screen is lightweight but still offers a considerable deal of sturdiness to support the screen. The whole structure is made more stable and reliable through additional components, such as support beams. Assembling the screen is fairly easy considering its size. There aren’t many things you could do wrong if you are attentive and carefully follow every assembly step described in the detailed user manual. Once the unit is assembled and installed, it does not require any maintenance except for an occasional cleaning with water and soap.


QualGear 120-Inch Fixed Frame Projector ScreenQualGear 120-Inch Fixed Frame Projector Screen

You may not be ready to go as far as 150 inches for your home theater screen yet. If your room doesn’t offer enough space to place the couches or chairs at a considerable distance from the screen, you might not even need such a large screen. A 120-inch screen like this one from QualGear should work just fine for all use scenarios in medium-sized spaces.

The screen is 4K Ultra HD ready, providing the necessary texture for you to fully enjoy movies and YouTube videos in 4K. The model we reviewed has an UltraWhite 1.2 Gain surface, but you can also choose from three other models to find one that best suits your needs. What’s more, QualGear also offers these screens in six sizes, ranging from 92 to 150 inches. All in all, you have over 20 options to choose from, which should be enough to satisfy even the most demanding viewers.

The screen comes with a detailed assembly manual that facilitates the process of putting together and installing the screen to such an extent that it can be done by virtually anyone. The frame hardware has been pre-sorted for your convenience, so you don’t have to waste any time laying out the components and sorting them. The assembled frame is very sleek and has an average width of just 6 cm, which allows it to be an instant fit for many modern interiors.

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JWST 120-Inch Fixed Frame Projector ScreenJWST 120-Inch Fixed Frame Projector Screen

If your ultimate goal when choosing a new projector is staying within a fixed budget and making it is as small as possible, you should really consider this screen from JWST. It’s not going to blow your mind with the image quality it provides, but we find that it delivers excellent performance for the price. It’s a 120-inch screen with a 160 degree wide viewing angle, which makes it suitable for just about any home theater room. This fixed frame projector screen supports Ultra 4K HD video and the Active 3D technology, so it’s not that different from its competitors when it comes to pure specs.

If you can provide an environment that’s dark enough (ideally, a basement or a windowless room if you happen to have one in your house), you won’t be disappointed by the picture quality either. If you place the screen in a room that’s never completely dark, you may notice that the image quality suffers from the external light during rapid transitions or particular color changes. Still, these setbacks are rather minor and should not prevent you from purchasing this screen if you’re looking for a truly budget solution.


Nozzco Outdoor Inflatable Fixed Frame Projector ScreenNozzco Outdoor Inflatable Fixed Frame Projector Screen

All the screens we’ve mentioned before are great options for indoor use, but what if you want to have a projector screen outside to liven up your pool party or barbecue evening? Using an indoor projector screen outside is risky business because it could easily get damaged even when properly installed on a house wall. In addition, the lighting conditions outside are always suboptimal for indoor screens, which means you’d be compromising on video quality from the get-go.

Fortunately, there’s a great solution to help you watch movies or sports broadcasts outside – the Nozzco inflatable screen. It comes in three different sizes, the medium of which is roughly equal to a 150-inch indoor screen, while the largest one boasts a whopping 22 feet of diagonal space! The small and medium models are great options for backyards and smaller gatherings, while the 22-foot screen is ideal for pool parties.

Once you’re done the screen outside, you can take it inside your home and keep using it, but the image quality that was acceptable outside is probably going to feel a little underwhelming inside. So, don’t regard this screen as a universal model that can be used both inside and outside your home. However, if you’re positive you need an outdoor projector screen, you can’t go wrong with this one. It comes with everything you need right in the box, can be used as a tent, includes movie ticket templates for cool party invitations, and won’t cost you a fortune, so why not grab one and make your summer nights unforgettable?

The Nozzco Outdoor Inflatable Fixed Frame Projector Screen is available for less than $250.