The 8 Best Battery Powered Leaf Blowers

If you have a passion for gardening and landscaping, then a battery powered leaf blower is one of the must-haves. Leaf blowers perform the necessary task of tidying up your garden and walkways after your mowing and trimming work is finished. Leaf blowers are available in many styles, which might confuse you when you go to pick one out.

Whatever other features you’re looking for, battery powered leaf blowers should be your first choice. Battery powered leaf blowers are perfect for a medium-sized yard, and they operate very quietly compared to those powered by gas. If you have a larger yard, or if you’re using leaf blowers for your work, you can simply keep an extra battery or two powered up.

With a leaf blower that operates using a battery, you do not have to feel guilty about polluting the environment since they produce zero emissions. An added advantage is that they are very light in weight, making it possible to operate them for a longer period without getting exhausted. Another benefit to you is that battery powered leaf blowers do not require any maintenance at all. Being cordless, they also give you the freedom to move around with them. This is definitely easier than stringing extension cords together.

Below are some of the best battery powered leaf blowers available on the market. Read our reviews to find the perfect leaf blower for your needs.

Worx Turbine WG591 Worx Turbine WG591

Among all the available leaf blowers, the Worx WG591 is considered the best. The Worx leaf blower is a cordless, electric blower, which use turbine technology to perform its task. It cleans up after other blowers due to its advanced features that make it faster, more efficient, and more reliable. For starters, the ratio of weight to power of this tool is outstanding because besides having so much power, it is still less than 6.5 pounds, making it easy to use. It also produces no gases or fumes during its operation.

The Worx leaf blower contains a brushless motor that provides over 465 CFM (cubic feet per minute), which makes working with this tool very fast. Additionally, the speed at which air is produced by the WG591 leaf blower can be adjusted, making it convenient for you to work at your own pace. The adjustment is made at the multispeed turbine fan, which generates all the airflow you’ll need.

Although the WG591 leaf blower can produce a large volume of air in a very short time due to its dynamic airflow, it is still good to know how to adjust the amount of airflow if you don’t want to blow debris quite so far.

A max lithium ion 56-volt battery powers this Worx blower. With its ergonomic handle, the tool is very easy to handle and use as it provides a very firm grip. After you are done working with it, storage is also very easy because you only need to hang it on your wall, using the keyhole-shaped cutout located on the back. Above all, the WG591 leaf blower is quiet during its operation, so you do not have to worry about complaints of noise from your neighbors.

Purchase / $144

Black+Decker LSWV36Black+Decker LSWV36

If you are only interested in a light duty blower, then the Black+Decker leaf blower is your best choice. It is best suited for sweeping hard surfaces, such as patios, driveways, and walkways. It is also very light in weight at only 5 pounds, so you will not get tired from using the blower for any amount of time.

Its design is also quite unique, making it pleasing to the eye. The handy vacuum attachment available on the leaf blower also makes it stand out from all the other leaf blowers because you can easily switch it from a leaf blower to a vacuum. It operates at an optimum voltage of 36 volts. The maximum operating voltage is 40 volts.

The LSWV36 has an airspeed of 120 miles per hour, making it very fast and efficient in its work. With a rechargeable battery of 40 volts, this blower can maintain its reliability for very many years. The battery and Energy Star-rated fast charger for this leaf blower are also included in the purchase. It charges the battery fully in one hour.

With a built-in scraper, you can be confident that apart from blowing the leaves, the scraper will aid in loosening the matted leaves from the ground and collect all the available debris in order to leave a spotless and clean area for you.

In addition to the above benefits, the Black+Decker leaf blower is also very comfortable on your hands. This is due to the soft-grip handle, which ensures that you do not get any blisters from holding it over an extended period.

This leaf blower operates in very low tones, making it easy for you to work at any time of the day without the worry of causing noise disturbance. It is, however, not recommended for blowing wet leaves and debris, or even the flowerbeds. A blow tube, vacuum tube, collection bag, and operating instructions are all included in the box.

Purchase / $100

DeWalt DCB790HiDeWalt DCB790Hi

This is the most secure leaf blower due to the ability to lock its nozzles. To use it again, you must have a key. The DeWalt blower also has a low center of gravity, making it stable enough to put on the ground.

It uses a brushless motor to produce air at a volume of 400 CFM, which is fast and powerful. The speed of air, which mostly lies at 120mph can be controlled and managed using the full variable trigger available on the tool. Noise is also controlled using the variable trigger, so you can keep your leaf blowing exercise from becoming a nuisance to other people.

The most outstanding characteristic of the DCB leaf blower, though, is that it is very durable compared to all the other blowers. This is due to the xenon housing material.

It uses a 40-Volt, 4Ah lithium-ion battery with a blow-molded foot for protection. This battery is included in the purchase package together with a charger. A fully charged leaf blower operates continuously for 25 to 30 minutes. You can purchase additional batteries to swap out if you need to use it longer than that.

A very comfortable grip handle makes this DeWalt easy to use. It also comes with a warranty of 3 years and free service for 2 years from the time of purchasing. The only downside is that the total weight of this leaf blower is roughly 15 pounds.

Purchase / $234

EGO LB 5754EGO LB 5754

The EGO LB 5754 leaf blower is well known for its high efficiency. It uses a brushless motor with variable speeds just like the other blowers we’ve looked at. The difference is that the LB has an airspeed of 142mph and it provides a volume of air of 260 to over 575 cubic feet per minute. This makes it the most powerful leaf blower available. The turbine fan is very efficient in airflow because its construction is inspired by the advanced aerospace technology.

Besides being highly efficient, this leaf blower is four times quieter than gas blowers. You can comfortably work with it even at night because it produces hardly any noise. With a 40v lithium ion battery and charger, both of which are included in the purchase package, this leaf blower operates continuously for about half an hour.

Another unique characteristic of this EGO leaf blower is the availability of shoulder straps. These straps make it easy for you to use the leaf blower for long without feeling exhausted. And a weight of 25 pounds, you’ll be happy to have the extra support.

Purchase / $394


This ECHO leaf blower houses a unique brushless motor with an advanced design that aids in the delivery of great power and a long runtime. It is one of the most reliable leaf blowers you can buy and features a metal scraper at the tip of the blower tube. This integrated scraper gives this tool the power to lift and blow through all types of debris.

The nozzle of the leaf blower is reinforced with stainless steel, which comes in handy when you need to scrape on the ground and poke into flower beds. It also makes the leaf blower more durable.

The air produced by the CBL leaf blower can be set as high as 550 CFM with the variable speed trigger. It also has a cruise and boost setting. With these controls, you have the power to choose an extended runtime or more clearing power, making this leaf blower very versatile.

The lithium-ion battery and charger are included in the purchase package, making this blower ready for use as soon as it is delivered. This ECHO leaf blower weighs approximately 11 pounds.

Purchase / $193

Ryobi Ry40402Ryobi Ry40402

The Ryobi leaf blower stands out because of its jet fan design. This design helps maximize the power of the leaf blower. With an airspeed of 155 mph, the blower works on a very large area within a very short time. The volume of air that it produces is 300 cubic feet per minute. Furthermore, the speed and volume of the leaf blower are variable with easy adjustment controls.

The great power of the Ryobi leaf blower is perfect for blowing through wet and dry leaves and debris, making it perfect for hard surfaces and lawns. The design of the Ryobi leaf blower is generally sleek. The blower is also very comfortable to use due to the soft grip handle that enables you to work longer without getting exhausted.

A 40-volt lithium ion battery is required to power the blower. It is, however, not included in the purchase package. The charger also has to be purchased separately.

This leaf blower weighs 9.5 lbs.

Purchase / $93

Kobalt KHB4ooBKobalt KHB4ooB

This Kobalt leaf blower is among the best quality blowers. In fact, it feels more like a vacuum than a blower as it can work very quietly. With its three distinct air speed settings, adjustment of the blower is incredibly easy. The controls enable you to use the speed and volume of air that you want.

Its axial fan reaches a very high velocity –  up to 125mph of air flow. The maximum volume of air produced is approximately 500 cubic feet per minute. With this speed and performance, the Kobalt leaf blower completes its work in half the time it takes for some other blowers. This makes it very efficient in its purpose.

The battery used to operate the Kobalt leaf blower should have a maximum of 80 Volts and a current of 2 Amperes. The battery fully charges in 30 minutes. This leaf blower has a lower power setting that aids in minimizing your use of power. With this setting, the device can operate for up to 70 minutes.

Additionally, if you feel that the leaf blower does not meet your standards or if it breaks, you can always return it. This is because there is a 5-year hassle-free warranty on the leaf blower and a 3-year warranty for the battery and charger. Its total weight is 9.5 pounds.

Purchase / $259

Makita DUB182Z 18VLXTMakita DUB182Z 18VLXT

Of all the little blowers available, the Makita 18VLXT leaf blower is the most effective. With its small size, it works best in the tight places. It is mostly used for light activities, such as clearing leaves off the walkway, cleaning the garden shed, and blowing leaves off a deck or even a gravel path. It is also strong enough to get pebbles off the way. It also has a great power to weight ratio for its size.

With its sleek and ergonomic design, this leaf blower is rather small at only 12.7 inches long. It also has a handle with a soft rubberized grip, making it very comfortable to work using this leaf blower.

The Makita Leaf blower has a variable speed of 0-18,000 RPM for optimum speed control. It has a variable 3-speed motor that produces a maximum velocity of 179 mph. Its maximum air volume is 91 cubic feet per minute. With a single charge, this leaf blower can operate continuously for 12 minutes at maximum speed.

The two-finger variable speed trigger switch can be operated even with a gloved hand. This makes it possible for you to adjust your speed to your preferred level.

A 3Ah lithium ion battery is required to operate the Makita leaf blower. It is sold separately. A rapid optimum charger, which is also sold separately, is used to charge this battery. It has a built-in fan that cools the battery and ensures that it charges much faster and more efficiently. Most chargers won’t operate when the battery is hot.

The total weight of this little leaf blower is 3.9 pounds. We recommend it for home work with smaller yards. It’s not a model you would want to use as part of a lawn care business or if you have a larger property.

Purchase / $99