The 12 Best Air Purifier and Humidifier Combos

Breathing may be a basic bodily function, but thanks to difficult climates, pollution, and overactive immune systems, it no longer comes easily for everyone. Often, all it takes is a couple of pollen-heavy days to quickly turn even a sturdy Crosfitter into a sneezing mess – and the damage can easily compound and invade other aspects of our daily lives.

People with sensitive airways are constantly trying to hit the right balance between anti-histamines, outdoor exposure, and sensible electricity bills. Unless, of course, they are lucky enough to find a good, cost-effective, and energy-efficient gadget that combines air purification with the right amount of humidity.

See the 12 best air purifier and humidifer combo’s below.

Beurer LW110Beurer LW110

Budget-friendly and not too noisy, the Beurer LW110 is a great all-in-one option for any room under 380 square feet, such as your home office or even a bedroom.

Its air purification function is more than decent, and it’s on the same level as many pricier purifier-only models. In addition to getting rid of dust, pollen, and pet dandruff, it also has 3 different power levels and a mild-deodorizing effect. However, it should be noted that it’s not a true HEPA filter; while it won’t require frequent filter replacements, it won’t capture everything either.

As for the humidifier, it offers a good variety of basic settings. It will keep the room’s humidity level between 40 and 60%, hitting that comfortable spot that makes your surroundings feel cool but not stuffy. It works with humidification disks. The water tank is a bit smaller than average, but they have compensated this with an LED light that will let you know when it’s s time to refill it. Finally, the automatic shut-off system will make sure that you waste nothing, should you accidentally leave it on before leaving the house.

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Sharp KC-PlasmaclusterSharp KC-Plasmacluster

More than just a combined air purifier and humidifier, the Plasmacluster is a complete medical-grade HEPA filter with an additional humidifying feature. It works with any room of up to 250 square feet – but boy does it clean it. It will capture up to 99.97% of any particles 0.3 microns or larger. This includes not only pollen, hay, and pet dandruff, but even dust and smoke.

For humidification, it uses ion-based technology, which provides the air with a nice fresh smell and restores some of the natural water content. It can be set to either simple “clean air” or “clean air and humidification,” which is effective 90% of the time. However, there seems to be no way to set it to humidification only, which would be a great bonus during the winter months.

Extra settings include an auto shut-off and timer function, a near-silent “Library mode,” and a live carbon filter that tackles fungi and bacteria. Finally, the Sharp KC Plasmacluster complies with Energy Star efficiency standards and only weighs 20 pounds (although it actually looks quite heavier).


Venta LW25 AirwasherVenta LW25 Airwasher

No, you can’t actually wash air and make it clean again. However, you can still make the air you breathe fresh and clean as a spring morning, sans the hay and pollen. At least, that is what the VentaLW25 promises to do – and so far, judging by the rave reviews it’s receiving, that is exactly what it’s accomplishing.

Such efficiency does not come cheap, although it will eventually pay for itself if you have a child with asthma in the house or are concerned about your electricity bill.

Its filter can cover enclosed spaces of up to 400 square feet. Its mechanical operation is a bit on the noisy side, but it uses no ozone, ions, or additional filters. It also produces no white dust, a common annoyance of humidifying and purifying combos. The fan can be set to one of three speeds, depending on how smoky or smoking hot the day is.

The humidifier has a very large (2 gallons) tank that will require no maintenance for weeks at a time. This further cuts down on the upkeep costs of an already low-energy, low-hidden-bills device.

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Boneco Airwasher Humidifier 2055ABoneco Airwasher Humidifier 2055A

Boneco has established itself as a leading manufacturer in the home air quality industry, despite its relatively few years in operation. Their Airwasher 2055A model offers enough muscle to clean the air in any room under 600 square feet – although, thanks to its relatively expansive belly of nearly 16 x 16 x 16 inches, it can be hard to find a place for it in any small room.

The model’s mechanisms rely on sturdy humidifying discs for both the purifying and humidifying options. On the one hand, these never need replacing and can effectively trap over 98% of all hay, dander, and dust. They are not quite at the same level as true HEPA filters, though, and will do little for smoke or fungi.

The water tank is small, and it will need refilling every few days. However, the humidifier is potent and highly customizable, especially if used alongside the brand’s own HydroCell technology. While this increases energy costs a bit, it also makes the device use less electricity. Finally, the Boneco 2055A is silent enough to let you sleep with no irritation.

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Oreck WK15500B Air RefreshOreck WK15500B Air Refresh

Oreck has pulled out the big guns with their newest Air Refresh air purifying and humidifying combo. Designed for small rooms of up to 150 square feet, the design has favored a tall architecture rather than a bulky one (10 x 10 x 29 inches), which makes it easy to place and conceal it in any minimalist home office.

The 2-stage filtration mechanism combined a HEPA filter with a charcoal one and therefore draws out up to 99% of all air particles, mold, dust, and odors. The humidification system, on the other hand, is ultrasonic: rather than emitting steaming vapor, it releases a cool and silent mist. For homes with pets or wayward crawling toddlers, this can be a lifesaver.

The filter is fully washable, which keeps maintenance cheap and simple. In addition, the LED display includes both filters and air quality and water tank indicators, offering comprehensive information about the room’s air quality with a quick glance. And the Sleep mode is not simply an automatic shutdown timer. Instead, it dims the light and tweaks the settings to keep everything running slowly and silently throughout the night.

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Klarstein MonacoKlarstein Monaco

A high-tech and high-design option for rooms of up to 400 square feet, the Monaco is not the kind of air washing system that you want to hide away. Its sleek, futuristic appeal is eye-catching and mildly reminiscent of a cyberpunk sound system.

The Monaco is more than just a good-looking bedroom companion, however. It relies on ultrasonic technology to humidify, filter, and deodorize a room. Its replaceable ionizer also ensures that your home will be less than hospitable for germs and mold – in addition to the standard pollen and dust filters.

The Whisper mode is also among the best we have reviewed and is ideal for any of us who crave a truly silent and distraction-free environment. Add the optional blue LED light in the water tank, and the Monaco will become a greatly soothing home presence. As the water tank is on the small side (only 1.6 gallons), this light also proves an invaluable indicator for necessary refills.


Dreval D-850 HEPA

True HEPA filters are not such an easy find when looking for a combined purifying and humidifier gadget – and especially at this price range!

The Dreval D-850 has managed this by privileging purifying prowess over humidification. This doesn’t mean that its capabilities in the latter should be underestimated, however. The water reservoir may be a bit on the small side – although this doesn’t really affect its effectiveness, it will only mean that you need to refill it more often. It will still boost the air humidity levels noticeably in any room up to 400 square feet, and therefore protect your family from dry skin patches, chapped lips, and itchy throats.

More importantly, the resulting air will be clean (what use is comfortable humidity if it’s still triggering your allergies?). In addition to a true HEPA 7-stage filter, the unit has a UV light that can tackle germs and bacteria. You’re looking at fewer cold viruses around, without the side effects and environmental impact of ozone-based units. Combine this with its carbon unit, and the result is a small powerhouse that traps units as little as 0.1 microns in size.

Under standard conditions, the unit is pretty quiet, although it doesn’t have a dedicated Sleep or Whisper mode.


Envion FS2000Envion FS2000

This tower is much more than a simple humidifier or air washer. It was designed to provide true all-in-one environmental control for a small to mid-size room (up to 300 square feet). This means that in addition to HEPA filtration and a humidifier, it also packs a fan and a heater – and will, therefore, keep you comfortable year round. For home office owners and apartment-dwellers, the Envion provides sleek and compact environmental control.

Standing 25 inches tall but only 9 inches wide and thick, this is something that can be hidden away in a corner or beneath a shelf without much hassle. Its capabilities are highly customizable and allow you to control each of its functions through three separate controls – thus ensuring that you can set the heater, cooling fan, or humidifier in whichever combination feels right for you.

A remote control would’ve come in handy as well. However, the existing controls are intuitive enough that they won’t make you miss the standard A/C remote controls with their bells and whistles, or their unpredictability.

The humidifier also has two more safeguards to protect you from energy waste and accidental shutdown: an LED light to signal when water levels are low, and an “empty tray” sensor that will shut down the humidifying function when there is no water left.


Boneco 2-in1 Air Washer W200Boneco 2-in1 Air Washer W200

Beautiful and minimalistic, the Boneco W200 is cheaper than the 2055A and is equipped with a larger tank and simpler operation options. This makes it a great “set and forget” solution for rooms under 500 square feet.

The air purifier is filter-less, and while it does not reach HEPA-like capabilities, is it still capable of cleaning out pollen, hay, and larger particles of dust. However, this is countered by the fact that you won’t have to worry about regular (and expensive) replacement filters.

In fact, maintenance for the Boneco W200 is further simplified if you have a dishwasher; all its parts are dishwasher safe, so you will be able to clean them as much as you need without any additional expenses. They will also resist a washing machine cycle placed on “gentle” or “delicate.”

As this is meant to be a low-cost alternative, the unit does not have a humidity gauge or an air rating display. It does have a very pleasant cool mist and an interesting design that makes it look like a high-tier speaker.


GreenTech PureHeat 3-in-1GreenTech PureHeat 3-in-1

Green Tech Environmental takes their brand name very seriously, and always strives to ensure their products are as energy-efficient as possible, as well as free of any harmful emissions. However, when designing their PureHeat 3 in 1, they have added an additional goal: an ambitious design for those who appreciate coziness and beauty, and are not keen on having their home look like a minimalist café.

The bold and warm wood-like casing will blend perfectly in any home that is fond of vintage aesthetics or simply privileges natural colors and materials. The choice of a cube-shaped model is mildly reminiscent of an expensive coffee maker, but the performance leaves little room for mistakes.

This unit combines an air purifier, humidifier, and heater. Great care has been taken to ensure all three functions are joined safely and harmoniously. The heater uses a safe-to-touch grill that keeps the internal temperature at 250º F or less, preventing fires or energy waste.

As for the humidification function, it is silent and efficient. The water tank is large enough to be left alone for a while; the auto-shut off function and clever tip-over safeguards will protect you. Finally, the air purifier works with both an ionizer and a UV filter, which effectively tackles smoke, pollen, molds, viruses, and pet dander.


Kekilo TT-501Kekilo TT-501

This remarkable, low-cost option does not have the high-tech capabilities seen on other models we’ve reviewed. However, it offers clean air, good humidification, and the possibility of adding a few drops of essential oil to further improve the room’s scent and your mental health, depending on your needs.

It is perfect for a home studio, reading parlor, or even a yoga room. Out of all the options we reviewed, this is likely the only true quiet one, as the cool mist diffused by it is almost impossible to notice unless you are looking directly at it. Simple to install, move, and clean, it will also clean and deodorize a small room – and if you add rosemary or eucalyptus essential oil to its diffuser, it will be even more effective in disinfecting and relieving allergy or asthma attacks.

No LED lights or fancy displays are included, which is not really surprising in this price range. However, the timer option will be good enough to prevent accidents.


OPOLAR Digital Evaporative Humidifier and PurifierOPOLAR Digital Evaporative Humidifier and Purifier

Created with babies and family health in mind, the OPOLAR combines an effective washable filter with a large-capacity humidifier. They added some digital controls and smart internal layouts, and voila!

This item was designed for rooms under 400 square feet. This may not be quite a medical grade device or HEPA filter, but the simple honeycomb filter will still eliminate most dust particles under a micron in size, including mineral deposits, dust, and pollen. At the same time, it will deodorize the air, add some much-needed humidity, and increase your family’s comfort. Furthermore, its Whisper mode is remarkably quiet and evidently created with fussy MKbabies and stressed-out parents in mind.

The LED panel is very intuitive and makes it easy to configure. In addition, the internal tank is remarkably easy to refill and will take a long time to run out. Simply unscrew the tap and add clean water with a standard plant waterer. If you are a new parent, the chances are that you will relish the idea of ticking that extra task off your list. But even if you’re planning to use this in your bedroom or office instead of the baby’s room, it will still be a welcome addition.


Why Go for a Purifier and Humidifier Combo?

Usually, it all starts with a pervasive allergy. For most of us, that means we reach straight for some anti-allergy medications right away. However, this usually brings two major side effects. First, few legal over-the-counter drugs are as effective at getting rid of our symptoms as they are at putting us to sleep, so if you have something to get done today, you may want to think twice about taking those medications.

Second, while a good dose of Atarax or Allegra will quickly un-stuff your nose, it will also dry it out (alongside your mouth and eyes). This is simply the way most of these medications work, and while it often provides relief, it can also eventually turn dry air into a problem of its own.

If you’re lucky to work in an upscale office with full environmental control, you may never have to deal with this. For the rest of us, though, the cost of keeping several different gadgets around the house just to take care of our airways will quickly add up. Furthermore, the wrong type of air purifier may actually be de-humidifying your air, forcing you to keep both running on high at all times. So we suggest you go for the humidifer and purifier combo machines, it’s easier.