August Smart Lock

The August Smart Lock is an ideal home accessory for those who find themselves often worried about whether or not they have locked the door or those who often lose their keys. The August Smart Lock is a locking system that works automatically and can be triggered using a smartphone app opposed to a standard key. Even with the ease of locking and unlocking using an app, the August Smart Lock can also work in conjunction with your standard house key in case you forget your phone or in case a family member still insists on using theirs. For those who do not have keys to your home, such as guests, the August Smart Lock allows you to send them a key virtually using the included August app. This will allow anyone coming to your home the ability to let themselves in if you are not home, with your permission, that is.

The August Smart Lock comes with DoorSense technology as well as Auto-Lock technology, both of which ensure that you will always know your door is both closed and locked. If you are ever uncertain about the state of one of your doors, you can check it out using the application. The smart lock also will keep track of who is coming and going from your home using the app. It can show you who entered and through what door, and if you miss any visitors to your door, you can see images depicting who that missed visitor was. All this and it takes only minutes to install.