Allet Leather Travel Passport

You know how it is, you go to an airport laden with suitcases, hand luggage, snacks and of course your essentials; wallet and passport. It’s so easy to misplace one or the other and it’s the worst nightmare of anyone travelling. Thankfully, Allet has come up with a solution; their Leather Passport.

This must-have item aims to tick all of your carrying needs, with space for up to 10 cards, shallow pockets for cash and receipts and most importantly, deep pockets to hold on to those travel documents and boarding passes. What help this wallet stand out is the RFID protective liner, which thwarts theft attempts plus, allows you to quickly access your vital documents.

Two further great features are the thumb slide ID window, allowing you to easily take out your ID should you need to and secondly the perfectly positioned passport pocket, which fits snugly adjacent to your cards and identification.

The large document pocket will easily hold on to your boarding passes as well as cash and there’s a slightly raised pocket which grants easy access to your monies when on the move.

Aesthetically, the handsome Nappa leather exterior is complimented with a moisture wicking nylon interior, giving the product a premium feel and look as well as unparalleled practicality.


Allet Leather Travel PassportAllet Leather Travel PassportAllet Leather Travel Passport