Acton II Voice Speaker

When it comes to sound Marshall has long been synonymous with perfection. This compact smart speaker is no different, pairing matchless quality with modern dynamics for an experience every music lover will fall in love with in no time.

Though compact, this speaker is packed with three class D amplifiers for the perfect power punch sent to the subwoofer and dual tweets. The sounds you get are much larger than the unit itself seems equipped to produce.

The modern twist offers Alexa so you can utilize hands-free multitasking with simple vocal commands. From your most recent playlist, to learning new chords and progressions, they’re all just a word away. Alexa can even raise or lower your volume, or shut everything down when you’ve finally reached your musical limit.

On the outside, the vinyl covering is textured and just the beginning of the beauty. There’s also the salt and pepper fret, complete with the Marshall logo, a beautiful LED-infused front brass speaker cover. The cover is etched with the 1962 Marshall establishment date, paying homage to the proud heritage of the brand from which the Acton II Voice descends.


Acton II Voice Speaker Acton II Voice Speaker Acton II Voice Speaker Acton II Voice Speaker Acton II Voice Speaker