A Successful Day According to Darrelle Revis

For years, the part of the field former New York Jet and New England Patriot cornerback Darrelle Revis played on was known as “Revis Island.” Coaches told quarterbacks there was no point in even throwing in the direction of (at the time) the NFL’s premier cover corner, so just leave him alone on that island.

The routine that made Revis an All-Pro still practiced by the 32 year old was recently featured in an article by Daniel Pearson on Highsnobiety. Here’s a breakdown of Revis’s schedule from that piece.

6:40 AM: Wake Up

Before any of the strenuous work begins, Revis takes time to watch the sun rise every morning from his condo in Hollywood, Florida.

Revis plays no TV or music to start the day as he takes in a healthy breakfast that includes a fruit bowl and brussel sprouts. Revis says the brussel sprouts are a great source of protein for him now that he is a vegan.

8:30 AM: Pace and Agility Training

Revis meets with his trainer to focus on explosiveness and speed. Foot work, agility work, and ladder work are the center of this workout.

Revis has recently added boxing to his morning routine as a means of helping with hand placement on the football field.


It’s a vegan feast for Revis after his workout.

A favorite place for lunch is the Beehive, a “hormone free, gluten friendly, and antibiotic free” restaurant in Fort Lauderdale. A regular lunch for Revis might include salad, tofu, tomatoes, mushrooms, and avocado dressing.

Revis credits his vegan diet with helping him lose 15 pounds and giving him more energy each day.

Energy and Self-Esteem for the Rest of the Day

Revis believes his healthy and active mornings have given him more energy and make him feel better about himself for the rest of the day.