Yeti Hopper Flip 12

The Yeti Hopper Flip 12 isn’t just a soft cooler you can carry with you all day. It’s also leak proof and as tough as they come. The wide-mouth opening lets you load and unload all your favorite drinks, snacks and food with easy, while it’s cubed shape means it’s easy to take anywhere. From the boat, to the back of the truck, to the trail head, this is the one cooler you’ll try hard not to forget.

The Hopper flip can easily hold about sixteen pounds of ice, or it can also play home to a baker’s dozen (that’s 13) of regular size aluminum cans.

On the outside, the Hopper Flip is made of a Dryhide Shell that offers resistance to mildew, punctures, UV rays and is 100% waterproof. On the inside, the metal liner is durable and FDA food-grade approved material. With Coldcell Insulation, this cooler holds onto the cold long after most coolers have warmed up. And rounding everything out is the Hydrolock Zipper, which is leak proof, waterproof and one of the most durable and highest performing zippers in the whole world.

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