Created by restless Kanye fan Red Gaskell, Uh huh Honey is 42 paged published collection of tweeted thoughts, statements and disclosures that worldwide praised celebrity Kanye West has made.

Apart from his talent in music, fashion, filmmaking and charity work having mainly attributed towards his fame, his Twitter account has increasingly become a strong part of his character. You could think of this book as a record of West’s best and most scandalous and inspirational moments through Twitter, paired with Gaskell’s own illustrations.

According to Gaskell, this book was written as a parody of Best Seller Rumi Kair’s Milk and Honey. Like Kanye can make headlines from one to the next, Gaskell woke up a day after he posted the cover and a few pages from the book online, only to find out that it had grasped the attention of many, and turned to Amazon to create and finish the whole publishing process.

Whether you hate him or you love him, Uh huh Honey is a great asset to have in your home. This book can have many purposes. It can either serve to humour and entertain you or your guests, or it can be used as a resource to search for advice and guidance written by guru Kanye West.

For the small price of $10, this creative and funny book can be yours to keep.


Uh huh Honey