Tyffyn Lunch Box

Investing in a good lunch box an lead to many positive outcomes. For example, you may get started on living a healthier lifestlyle by cooking your own food, and save your money from reducing eating out during your lunch hour.

The Tyffyn Lunch Box is designed with the best technology and creativity to provide you with the greatest alternative for eating out, or saving you from your old, leaking and smelly lunch box.

Depending on your appetite, this lunch box can store from 600ml to 1 liter of food, keeing it hot or cold for 5 to 6 hours in its VacuTherm insulated compartments. Depending on the size, you will be able to fit from 1 to 3 containers. Luch boxes are equipped with partitions, and are available in three different sizes.

Its leak-proof lids and slim body are well-built enough to place inside your bag without there being any risk of having accidents, or not fitting inside.

Besides being great for working people, it’s also a great way to transport food for one-day adventure or camping trips. They can also store enough good to share with a small group of people.

From salads to one-pot meals, the Tyffyn Lunch Box will excel at keeping them safe and tasty.


Tyffyn Lunch BoxTyffyn Lunch Box