Sneaker Backpack for The Commuter

For commuters or travellers who need to have an extra pair of kicks ready at any moment, the Hex Sneaker Backpack may be your best companion.

The Hex Sneaker Backpack’s main compartment fits clothes or gear while keeping them organized. The second compartment can accomodate a 17 inch laptop comfortably as well as protecting it from shocks and movements while on the run through the city with a faux-fur lined security system.

Your sneakers can be stored on the other side of the backpack. There is a ventilated and fully lined compartment specifically made to fit sneakers. If you don’t use this space for sneakers, you can use the adjustable divider for extra storage room.

At the front, there are also two padded pockets that will store and protect addtitional electronic items such as iPads or tablets, as well as a compression strap for to enhance your comfort.

For those living in cities or places with unpredicable weather, the heavy coated canvas exterior is water resistant; protecing and keeping dry all your valuables and sneakers as you set off to the gym, work or are simply commuting.

This convenient backpack is made with highly durable materials, has a storage capacity of 25 litres, and is available in several colors and designs such as grey, black and geo camo.


Hex Sneaker BackpackHex Sneaker BackpackHex Sneaker Backpack