Samsung Q900R 8k TV

4K technology is fast becoming the must have commodity for home viewing, but now Samsung has eclipsed this with 8K integrated into their Q900R. As the technology is still so very fresh, the company’s first available commercial 8K TV has AI up-scaling combined with support for HR+. Despite the nascent technology, the specifications are still impressive. 4,000 nit peak brightness, 100% color volume and features such as Ambient Mode are just some of the new design elements in this futuristic set.

The most impressive feature however is taking low-resolution content and (thanks to the aforementioned AI up-scaling) make these images far crisper and clearer. This is especially useful for the early stages of release, as customers will have 720 and 1080p ready media, so it makes sense for Samsung to sink their efforts into up-scaling. Truthfully, side by side with 4K, there won’t be much in the way of difference. It’s the ability to drag older technology up that really hits the mark.

Samsung is confident that 8K will be needed for visual clarity to remain intact. The trend in purchases these days is for TV sets to become larger and larger and thus, image quality will diminish. This goes for gaming as well, so this is why Samsungs Q900R will be available in 85 inches but filled with a quality that is unmatched.

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Samsung Q900R 8k TVSamsung Q900R 8k TV