Rains Backpack

Inspired by the rainy and snowy weather that Denmark often is covered under, Danish brand Rains has developed the ultimate backpack. Its design takes into account the amount of people who commute by bicycle, public bus or simply by foot; especially in places like Scandinavia or other cities across the world.

The Rains Backpack is made out of a water-resistant polyester material which keep whatever that is placed inside it completely dry and clean while you are on your daily commute. Therefore, this backpack is essential for those who live in wet weather conditions.

Like any other Danish design, this bag is sleek and minimal in its design. The large flap at the top covers the main compartment of the bag, and is secured in place with magnets. A hook has also been implemented to add further security.

On its inside, there is a designated, zippered space and back pocket for laptops or tablets. An additional pocket at the back of the bag stays hidden and discreet; perfect to store smaller valuables like a mobile phone, wallet or keys secure from falling or getting stolen.

Its adjustable straps makes it easy to adapt to any body type, as well as being comfortable to wear.

The Rains Backpack has a great storage capacity of 14.3 litres, and can be chosen in either black, blue, brown, scarlet red, white or green.


Rains BackpackRains Backpack