Pollution Pods

The talk about pollution and global waste has been a topic that has been heatedly debated, and has reached communities to the point where several local and global policies have been implemented in response to it.

Artists and creators have taken the issue of pollution and have manifested it through thousands of different art productions. In London, the artist Michael Pinksy has established an exposition at London’s Somerset House that has been able to shock and inform many of its visitors.

Known as “Pollution Pods”, Pinksy has constructed five different geodesic domes to replicate the health of the air from five different cities. In the first pod, you’ll be happy to take in fresh, crisp air rom the Tautra island in Norway. As one travels to the next pod, visitors will be surprised to breathe in the questionable air quality from London. Moving further along, replications of air quality from Delhi, Beiing and Sao Paulo will continue to slap and surprise visitors.

In attempt to remake the smog and the feeling of heavy pollution, Pinksy went as far as to find the perfect recipe to fabricate the scent of Living Diesel.

This work of art was made purely with the intention to raise awareness about climate change, and it was commissioned by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

It is a great exhibiton to take children to in efforts to show the detriments of the planet, and educate them on a further level.

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