North St. Scout 44L VX Duffle Bag X51

Every day more and more people are prioritizing practicality as they travel in favor of over-packing and excessive baggage fees. With regular, unpredictable or last minute trips, it helps to know that your luggage won’t hold you back or cause any unnecessary packing distress. The newest addition to the Scout Duffle Bag family, the waterproof 44L VX Duffle (made with X51 X-Pac Cordura), is the perfect choice for regular travelers seeking a practical and spacious carry-all to adapt to their every need.

It’s lined with a soft 210 denier packcloth, and is the largest duffle bag in our Scout travel line, with a durable exterior and long-lasting strap. This makes it ready to take on board planes, as carry on luggage for long car, bus or train journeys, on safaris, treks, or marine voyages and explorations only you can decide. Spacious interior includes a zipper pocket and lanyard, and the 44L capacity means space is created easily for all your necessities, and even leaves space for those last-minute items that always get added in as you go out the door (we’ve all been there!).

Investing in this reliable hold-all means investing in your comfort, style and peace of mind as you travel.