IKEA Meets Needs of a Pet Obsessive Culture with Pet Furniture Line

Oh, how we love our pets!!! Social media and easily sharable videos on the internet prove that the one thing in this world we have left that unites us all is how adorable our pets are.

And with that in mind, IKEA is releasing a new line of furniture specifically for our furry friends.

The Swedish store collaborated with veterinarians to create the line of pet furniture called “Lurvig.”

Jonathan Sawyer from “Highsnobiety” describe the pet furniture line as “equal parts functional, aesthetically pleasing, and affordable.” The line includes open beds, cushions, and pillows to provide places for dogs to relax. Active furniture, such as scratch mats and trees for cats and rubber balls for dogs, are also included. Additional accessories being released include plastic bowls, leashes, bag dispensers, and brushes.

You can read and look at all the various items available here on IKEA’s website.

Just think of all the adorable pictures, videos, memes, and gifs you can share of your furry friends using IKEA’s new line of pet furniture.