The 125 Best Ice Breaker Questions for Adults

Striking up a conversation with someone may be a little bit hard depending on the situation. Whether you’re having a conversation with a group or an individual, there is going to be a need to come up with an interesting topic to talk about. it’s not like you can just talk about anything right off the bat – that would be too weird, or would it? If you feel comfortable enough, there really isn’t any topic that’s off limits. You can talk about anything under the sun so long as your conversation partner or partners are receptive to the topic you bring up. The great thing about ice breaker conversation starters is that they prompt a back-and-forth exchange of ideas. Have fun with these awesome ideas.

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    Best Ice Breaker Questions for Adults

    These ice breakers help create a friendly atmosphere where you and your conversation partner can engage in a friendly chat. The topics presented are light-hearted, so there is really no pressure when answering them.

    1. If You Could Live in Any Sitcom, Which One Would It Be?

    It would be so cool if you could actually do this. You’d get your own laugh track whenever you do something funny. If you also like the show, hum the opening song with them.


    1. If You Could Live in Your Favorite Sitcom, Which Character Would You Be?

    It would be like playing a Sims game. They can be whoever they want to be.


    1. What Was in Your High School Locker?

    What was the most interesting thing? We all know you had books in there, but what was hiding just behind them or hanging on the other side of the door?


    1. Did You Ever Put Something Inside Your High School Locker that Shouldn’t Have Been in There?

    This question would be fun and revealing. Also, did you ever get busted?


    1. If You Could Talk to Anyone and Have Them Answer Any Question, Who Would it Be and What Would You Ask Them?

    This could be anyone living or dead, and they would not be offended by your question at all.


    1. If A Movie Was Being Made of Your Life and You Could Choose the Actor/Actress to Play You, Who Would You Choose and Why?

    Remember, an Oscar Award may be up for grabs. This shows you how they see their idealized self.


    1. What Is the Scariest Thing You Have Ever Done for Fun?

    Be ready to scream, cringe, or both. If you’re drunk enough, be ready to do it again.


    1. What Was Your Favorite After-School Activity?

    This gets them to share a part of their lives that they enjoyed. Maybe you were into the same thing back then.


    1. If You Could Instantly Become an Expert in Something, What Would it Be?

    It can be a useless talent or a very valuable skill. Which will they choose? And, don’t stop pestering them until they tell you.


    1. If You Could Eliminate One Thing from Your Daily Routine, What Would It Be and Why?

    They’ll have 99 problems… but *blank* ain’t one.


    1. What Is Your Real Favorite Movie, and What Movie Do You Pretend Is Your Favorite to Sound Cultured?

    This question doesn’t mince words and bypasses all pretentions. They’ll have to fess up with this one.

    Ice Breaker Conversation Starters for Adults

    A good conversation is a very enjoyable experience for those engaged in it. it is intellectually stimulating as well as relationship building. To start a friendship or romantic relationship, you need to be better at conversations. Here are another few ice breakers to start conversations as adults.

    1. What Is in the Trunk of Your Car Right Now?

    Would they tell you if they had a dead body in it? Maybe they’ll ask you to help them bury it.


    1. What Is the Best Gift Anyone’s Ever Given to You?

    You can actually take notes if you want to give this person a gift.


    1. Name Your Favorite Children’s Story.

    This one puts a smile on anyone’s face as they’re taken back to a time when they were just little children reading colorful story books.


    1. What Is the First Thing You Think of When You Wake Up in the Morning?

    Are they excited to start the day or dreading having to go through the same routine? Sometimes, it’s just static.


    1. If You Could Visit Any Place in the World, Where Would It Be and Why?

    It’s so easy to bond over travel plans. Who knows, maybe you can visit them together if that’s what you want.


    1. If Money Was No Object, How Many Days Per Year Would You Dedicate to Traveling?

    Have them divide which months will be spent where.


    1. You Have to Wear A T-Shirt with One Word On it for One Year. Which Word Do You Choose?

    This word will define you for at least a year, so be careful.


    1. What Childish Things Do You Still Do as An Adult?

    There’s bound to be lots of them. Has anyone ever tried to get rid of them?


    1. When Did You First Notice that You Were Already an Adult?

    Everyone has had this realization at different times of their lives.


    1. Hit the Treadmill or Hit the Couch?

    Good question. Both are equally inviting. The choice depends on their goals.


    1. What’s Your Opinion on Exercise?

    Do they think it’s important? And, do they do it regularly? Why or why not?


    1. Is it Okay to Just Let Yourself Go When You’re Married?

    This question is a crystal ball that sees into the future.


    1. If You Were a Type of Jeans, What Type Would You Be?

    And, who would they want to wear them?


    1. What Was Your Favorite Snack Growing Up?

    People are nostalgic about their childhood snacks. Maybe both of you love the same thing.

    Revealing Ice Breaker Questions for Adults

    A lasting friendship or maybe even true love can get a jump start with just one conversation. Start the conversation with the right ice breaker.


    1. What Do You Look for in a Friend?

    What is their criteria for judging? Who knows, maybe you’re the one they’ve been looking for.


    1. Are You a Listener or a Talker?

    Better to know if you’re compatible.


    1. If You Had One Extra Hour of Free Time a Day, How Would You Use it?

    Used wisely, you can probably change the world.


    1. Who Do You Admire the Most?

    People admire who they identify with or have a connection to.


    1. If You Could Rid the World of One Thing, What Would it Be?

    Most of us can think of a million things, so it would be interesting to narrow it to just one.


    1. What Type of Partner Would You Choose for Yourself?

    This is a bit personal, but most people are open to sharing the traits they want in a lifetime partner.


    1. What Is Something You Can Do Better than Anyone Else You Know?

    Most adults can be proud of at least one skill they are good at.


    1. What Song Best Describes Your Life?

    This can be a really fun one. They’ll have to pause for a bit trying to go through the playlist in their head.

    Funny Icebreaker Questions for Adults

    Friends bond on the silliest of things. A good hearty laugh shared between friends forges a strong friendship.

    1. What Was the Most Embarrassing Thing You Have Done While on a Date?

    Prepare to cringe and then laugh, but only if they laugh too.


    1. If You Were to Perform in the Circus, What Would You Do?

    Everyone is a little bit freaky. Ask them the reason why.


    1. If You Could Eliminate One Thing You Do Each Day in the Bathroom so that You Never Had to Do It Again, What Would It Be?

    Everyone’s bathroom habits are different.


    1. What’s the Funniest Thing You Did as a Kid that Your Parents Still Talk About?

    It must have been legendary if their parents can’t shut up about it even after so many years.


    1. If You Moved to Sesame Street, Who Would You Want as Your Neighbor? Why?

    1 liter of blood ha ha ha. 2 liters of blood ha ha ha.


    1. If You Had to Be Handcuffed to One Person for an Entire Month, Who Would It Be?

    You can choose a living celebrity for this one if you want.


    1. If You Were the Eighth Dwarf, What Would Your Name Be?

    This one is a riot. Many naughty answers have been said over this one question.


    1. Where Is the Last Place You’d Be Caught Dead?

    It would be funnier if they weren’t allowed to justify their answers. Watch them squirm.

    “Would You Rather?” Ice Breaker Questions for Adults

    Kids play the Would You Rather Game all the time. It’s fun to go back to the classics once in a while as adults. These questions can be revealing, but they can also be quite fun.

    1. Would You Rather Have More Time or More Money?

    it’s a good question that reveals their way of thinking and reasoning.

    1. Would You Rather Have a Rewind Button or a Pause Button on Your Life?

    Adam Sandler did it.


    1. Would You Rather Be Able to Talk with the Animals or Speak All Foreign Languages?

    It boils down to whether they prefer to be around animals or people.


    1. Would You Rather Be Without Internet for a Week, or Without Your Phone?

    Oh, the torture… Let’s see them justify their answers for this one.


    1. Would You Rather Work More Hours Per Day but Fewer Days or Work Fewer Hours Per Day but More Days?

    This is interesting and real since it is really happening in some industries, such as healthcare. Follow up and ask what they do would with the extra days if they pick the former.


    1. Would You Rather Listen to Music from the 70s or Music from Today?

    Music taste is as unique as the person.


    1. Would You Rather Be Filthy Rich and Live 400 Years Ago or Be Middle Class Today?

    Remember: Antibiotics. Running water. Cars. internet.


    1. Would You Rather Be Known for Your Intelligence or Your Good Looks?

    How would they want the world to see them? Better to ask them if they would rather be extremely intelligent but ugly or extremely gorgeous but dumb.


    1. Would You Rather Mentally or Physically Never Age?

    Stay physically able and attractive or stay mentally sharp?

    Truth or Dare Ice Breaker Questions for Adults

    The rules of Truth of Dare must be upheld. You must speak the truth or perform a task. These questions can infuse a little bit of silly fun into the mix.

    1. What Is Your Biggest Turn Off in a Partner?

    Remember you need to describe every bit of detail, every pet peeve you may have, or the answer doesn’t qualify.


    1. Describe Your Worst Date Ever.

    The cringe is strong with this one. Maybe ask them to reveal a name to make it more interesting.


    1. Yell Out the First Word that Comes to Your Mind Right Now.

    Prepare to be thrown out of that restaurant.


    1. Belly Dance to a Country Song.

    Better dare: Belly Dance to a Country Song you listen to on your earphones.


    1. Speak Like Shakespeare for the Rest of the Game.

    Methinks tis mayeth be hardeth.


    1. Name the Person in the Room Who You Think Is the Best Dressed.

    Nice. Gives the person a chance to compliment a person. This opens them up to teasing.


    1. If You Found a Large Amount of Money, Would You Keep It or Would You Try to Find the Owner?

    And, how many cars are you going to buy?


    1. What Is Something You’ve Done that No One Would Expect?

    Best asked when everyone’s already a bit buzzed. Prepare to be shocked.


    1. What Is the Silliest Thing You Have an Emotional Attachment To?

    We all have that one thing that we just don’t want to get rid of.

    Deep Ice Breaker Questions for Adults

    Let’s go deep and connect on a more personal level. These are some questions that are real. These may make the mood a little bit more serious, so use them only when appropriate.

    1. Would You Rather Become Someone Else or Just Stay You?

    How comfortable and confident are they in their own skin? How about if they could be someone else for only a day?


    1. Would You Rather Always Say Everything on Your Mind or Never Speak Again?

    Tough choice. Choose the lesser of two evils.


    1. Would You Rather Put a Stop to War or End World Hunger?

    Is it exclusive though? Which is more important for them?


    1. What Book Has influenced You Greatly? How?

    Books are great influencers of thought. Which books have changed their lives?


    1. What’s the Most Important Thing to You in Life?

    Family? Money? Travel? Dreams? This shows how they prioritize things in life.


    1. If You Knew You Could Not Fail, What Would You Do?

    This gets them thinking about great things every single time. If this is asked to a group, watch how each member tries to out-do each other.


    1. What Is Something Unexpected that Has Changed About You in the Last Few Years?

    This calls for some introspection. It’s always good to take stock of one’s life every now and again.


    1. What Failure Have You Learned the Most from?

    Always get up stronger than before you fell down.


    1. If You Could Give One Sentence of Advice About How to Live Life, What Would It Be?

    This shows how creative they can get as they try to distil years of experience and wisdom in just a few words.


    1. If You Had One Day to Live Over Again, What Day Would You Pick?

    You can add pressure by saying that whatever they do on that day will have repercussions on their present life.


    1. What Do You Think the Secret to a Good Life Is?

    It’s always a great experience listening to other’s life lessons and wisdom.


    1. If You Had to Be on a Reality TV Show, Which One Would You Choose and Why?

    Reality shows can get crazy. This tells you what kind of crazy they want to experience.


    1. If You Were a Wrestler, What Would Be Your Entrance Theme Song?

    Here comes the boom! Pick something that gets fans riled up. Wrestling is fixed. You don’t need to intimidate your opponent. So, what about if it’s the UFC?


    1. You Have Your Own Late-Night Talk Show. Who Do You Invite On as Your First Guest?

    And, what would you like to talk about with them?


    1. If You Had Plans to Go Out, and It Rains, Would You Stay at Home Instead?

    Maybe a cup of cocoa and cuddling under a warm blanket might be better.


    1. Have You Ever Completed Anything on Your “Bucket List”?

    Ask them to share other interesting things on their bucket list. Take notes. Maybe you can share ticking off one together.


    1. What is the Most Expensive Item You’ve Bought This Year?

    Tells you how they spend their money. Was this cash or credit? Let them justify the purchase.


    1. What’s the Best Piece of Advice You’ve Ever Been Given?

    Try to ask them the context of why they were given this advice. Will this advice apply to you?


    1. What Languages Do You Know How to Speak?

    A multilingual buddy is a great travel buddy. This question tells you where you can travel together.


    1. Do You Have a TV Show that You’re Currently Watching?

    You can get a good recommendation with this question or bond over a show that you both enjoy watching.


    1. What Is Your Favorite Meal to Cook and Why?

    Meals are very personal. There’s always a story to a favorite dish. it may be a family recipe or something that’s connected to a memorable experience.


    1. What Would Your Dream House Be Like?

    Everyone’s got one. It can be a small house by the beach, a mansion in the woods, a penthouse in a big city, or a lovely suburban home in a good neighborhood.


    1. Are You a Cat Person or a Dog Person?

    Bark or Meow? Can someone be both?


    1. Would You Rather Live Where It Only Snows or the Temperature Never Falls Below 100 Degrees?

    Oh, this is a choice between frostbite and pneumonia or dehydration and heatstroke.


    1. What is Your Absolute Dream Job?

    Remember that if you’re doing something that you love, it won’t feel like a job at all.


    1. Say You’re Independently Wealthy and Don’t Have to Work, What Would You Do with Your Time?

    Many already have answers for this, but some are dumbfounded by their newfound hypothetical freedom.


    1. What Would the Title of Your Autobiography Be?

    This is a great question that can really make people reflect on their lives.


    1. If You Could Be Guaranteed One Thing in Life (Besides Money), What Would You Want?

    This should be one thing and one thing only. How will they change their lives?


    1. When You Die, What Do You Want to Be Remembered For?

    This might change the atmosphere of the party, but it’s an interesting question that will have them thinking of their legacy.

    Interesting Ice Breaker Questions

    These are generally safe questions to ask, but they’ll get the other person thinking and start a fun conversation.

    1. If You Could Be Any Supernatural Creature, What Would You Be and Why?

    Let their imagination soar. They can be an angel, demon, goblin, fairy, dragon, beast, vampire, werewolf or any other fantastical creature they can think of.


    1. Would You Rather Travel Back in Time to Meet Your Ancestors or to the Future to Meet Your Descendants?

    And, what if they were going to be stuck there forever?


    1. Would You Rather Have Invisibility or Flight?

    How about super speed or super strength? Also, what would they do on the first day with their super powers?


    1. If You Were Left on a Deserted Island with Either Your Worst Enemy or No One, Which Would You Choose and Why?

    So, is bad company better than no company at all? Would it be different if they knew they’re going to be rescued in 5 years or if they knew they’re going to spend the rest of their lives there?


    1. What’s Your Favorite Place of All the Places You’ve Traveled?

    And, how would they feel if they would be forced to spend the rest of their lives there starting tomorrow?


    1. What Fictional World or Place Would You Like to Visit?

    It could be anywhere they want. it could be from a book, from a TV show, a movie, a cartoon, a comic book, a TV commercial, or any other media they can think of.


    1. If You Could Choose Any Person from History to Be Your Imaginary Friend, Who Would it Be and Why?

    Why stop with imaginary? How about if this historical person becomes their real-life best friend? How would this change their answer?


    1. If You Could Be Any Animal in the World, What Animal Would You Choose to Be?

    Do they want to feel the freedom of being a bird or the power of being a lion?


    1. If You Could Magically Become Fluent in Any Language, What Would it Be?

    Understanding a language opens up the doors to a lot of things related to that culture. This shows which country and which culture the person is most interested in.


    1. Rank your Favorite Sandwiches.

    This is an offbeat request that most people have not really even thought about. It would be interesting to know how they rank sandwiches and what they count as a sandwich. Is a hamburger a sandwich?


    1. What’s Your Favorite Tradition or Holiday?

    What season or what holiday activities make them feel excited?


    1. If You Found Out that Your Next-Door Neighbors Were Aliens, What Would You Do?

    What if they’re friendly and benevolent? What if they’re planning on invading the world?


    1. What Did You Have for Breakfast this Morning?

    Do they have that all the time or is it just for today? Also, if it’s a routine thing, do they have plans on changing it?


    1. What is Your Favorite TV Show?

    This could tell you how much they watch TV. Some TV shows, like Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead need a lot of dedication to watch.


    1. What Was the Worst Haircut You Ever Had?

    Ask them when this happened and what they did to mitigate the mistake. Also, what was the funniest comment they got from friends and family?


    1. What Does Your Favorite Shirt Look Like?

    Ask them where they got it and why they like it so much. Also, find out if they still have it.


    1. What is Your Favorite Musical Instrument and Why?

    First ask them if they play it personally or if they just like the sound of the instrument being played. If they play, ask them how long they’ve played it.


    1. If You Had the Opportunity to Go to Mars, Would You? Why or Why Not?

    Do you think that people who want to go to Mars are crazy or adventurous?


    1. Would You Rather Live in the Ocean or on the Moon?

    Both are very interesting places. Make this question a bit harder by telling them that they have to grow gills and a fish tail if they want to live underwater.


    1. Who is Your Favorite Disney Hero or Heroine?

    Remember that Disney owns both Star Wars and Marvel now, so they got themselves a smorgasbord of a whole lot of superheroes.


    1. If You Could Hang Out with Any Cartoon Character, Who Would You Choose and Why?

    Also, would they hang out in the cartoon world or in the real world? Ask them this question by first restricting them to just Western cartoons and next by including anime.


    1. You Can Have Anyone Fictional as a Best Friend. Who Do You Choose and Why?

    This answer could depend on the types of cartoon shows they watched as a kid. Well, with the amount of time kids spend watching cartoons aren’t they their best friends already?


    1. Do You Have a Favorite Plant?

    This is a question that not many people have been asked. Plants are important to the ecosystem and health of the planet, but a favorite one may not be in the minds of most people.


    1. The Zombie Apocalypse is Coming. Who are 3 People You Want on Your Team?

    So, your 4-person team probably needs one strong leader type who’s great with strategies, one warrior-protector type who’s good with weapons, one provider type good with basic needs, and maybe one builder type who’s good with making things. Which one are they?


    1. If Aliens Landed on Earth Tomorrow and Offered to Take You Home with Them, Would You Go?

    What would they do to you? Would you go if they offered to bring you back the following day? Would you believe them if they told you they would not harm you?


    1. What Is Your Favorite Dessert?

    Life is short, eat your dessert. Well, a sweet dessert is good every now and again. Which one is their go-to comfort food?


    1. Would You Want to Live in a World with Superheroes?

    Ask them the question with the added information that they will be superheroes themselves. How about if they are just going to be non-superpowered bystanders?


    1. If You Could Do Anything in the World as Your Career, What Would You Do?

    This is the one question that most people struggled with just before graduating. Sadly, many people who are stuck at their job ask themselves this all the time.


    1. Do You Consider Yourself an Entrepreneur?

    Are they great with making money out of just an idea? Do they have a business in mind? Ask them what they need and when they will start the business.


    1. How Would You Feel About Having an Admirer Follow You Around Like Paparazzi Follow Celebrities?

    Let’s make this question a little freaky. Which celebrity would they like to stalk them – nothing dangerous, of course?


    1. What Sport Would You Compete in if You Were in the Olympics?

    Do they know the sport already or do they just wish that they could be good at doing it?


    1. You Can Own Either a Smartphone or a Computer. Which Do You Choose?

    They need to choose one or the other. To make it a little interesting, if they have a smartphone, they won’t be able to use a computer ever again – and vice versa.


    1. If You Had to Eat One Meal Every Day for the Rest of Your Life, What Would It Be?

    No matter how much they like a certain dish, it’s going to get dull and boring sooner or later.


    1. What Is One Article of Clothing that Someone Could Wear that Would Make You Walk Out on a Date with Them?

    Oh, this one is scandalous. Okay, this question is brutal. Let them answer with one article of clothing that’s fairly normal and ask them one that is outrageous.


    1. What’s Your Best Scar Story?

    We all have scars. All of them have their story. Ask them to share just one, and if possible, show the scar.


    1. If You Could Live in Any Country, Where Would You Live?

    It can be boring staying in one place all your life. The prospect of adventure in a new place is exciting. Where do they want to go?


    1. If You Had to Watch One Movie Every Single Night before You Fall Asleep, What Movie Would It Be and Why?

    Let them have fun with this one. Don’t limit the genre. It can be G, PG, PG-13, R, MA, or even XXX. Just let them explain the reason for their choice.