Garmin Descent Mk1

No matter how you prefer to dive, the Descent™ Mk1 watch is there to help you do it. This Descent™ Mk1 is a high quality, fully featured dive watch. It comes with a dive computer that offers surface GPS capabilities in the form of a sleek watch that could potentially be stylish enough to be won on land. There is also an ultra bright 1.2-inch color display to make it easy to be read under water as well as TOPO mapping.

The Descent™ Mk1 has built-in sensors that come with a three axis compass, barometric altimeters and a gyroscope. This is all paired with its GLONASS and GPS abilities that will allow you to mark every single entry and exit point from which you dive, making it easier to navigate on the surface. The Descent™ Mk1 is able to support both single gas, multi gas, apnea and gauge diving all the same. It allows you to plan your dives perfectly and directly while on the surface.

The Descent™ Mk1 has a dive log that will allow you to review and store any of the data for as many as 10,000 dives. It comes with the Elevate wrist heart rate technology to keep tabs on that, as well as multisport activity profiles, smart notifications and performance metrics, all right there on your wrist. The dive watch features a battery that can run up to 19 days in watch mode, 40 hours in dive mode, 10 days in smart watch mode and 20 hours in GPS mode.


Garmin Descent Mk1 dive watch