Douchebags – The Petite

Every girl needs something to carry around when out and about, a place to store money, accessories, make-up and other items.  Backpacks are very much in vogue and Douchebag are no strangers to merging style with substance, particularly with their design they call “The Petite.”  This leather backpack has been crafted under the watchful eye of fashion expert Janni Delér which makes this accessory a must have for both day and night-time excursions.

Janni herself holds this item close to her heart, commenting “The Petite is something really special to me since I’ve created it from scratch. Mini backpacks are really a thing now, but I feel like many of the expensive designer backpacks are not as useful as they are stylish. What I really love about The Petite is the big zipper openings and the pockets – practical with style”.

Part of what makes this backpack so comfortable and easy to use is the patented Hook-Up system. This allows weight to be transferred from the shoulders and placed over wheels instead. If your significant other is at an airport by herself, the struggle of carrying multiple bags can be alleviated with this cunning design as one bag will simply attach to another, leaving room to breathe and the chance to instead grab a beverage with the now free hand.

Finally, to put the icing on top of the cake, there is a detachable chain which can immediately transform the look of the Petite and bring out your own individual style. Therefore, the Petite is a must have for any girl who needs storage and something to turn heads with a chic design.


Douchebags - The PetiteDouchebags - The PetiteDouchebags - The Petite Douchebags - The PetiteDouchebags - The Petite