Douchebags Little Bastard 60L

The Douchebags Little Bastard travel bag can be your loyal companion in all your travels. It’s impressive volume capacity of 60 liters is large enough to fit all of your gear.

Its main and only compartment opens up widely in a single motion, so it is quite easy to access your things easily without a fuss. On its side, it comes with a rib-design provides an extra layer of protection that extends its durability.

Mainly intended for travel use, the douchebag has been effectively designed for that purpose. Its body is sturdy and solid, so you can be sure that it will endure for many years of travels.

The inside of the luggage bag includes smaller compartments made out of mesh, in which you can store smaller items and stay organized during your journey.

For a smooth cruising experience, this bag has large and thick wheels as well as a robust handle that can rise and retract to any measurment that is required.

The Little Bastard also includes a Hook-Up system which allows owners of several Douchebags to connect them and keep them together. Doing this will make your travels a lot more manageable without the need for more hands or a cart to carry them around.

Little Bastard comes in four different colors; all of which contribute to a professional and sharp look.


Little Bastard 60LLittle Bastard 60L