Douchebags Hugger 30L

The days of looking for the ideal carry-on travel bag are finally over. Douchebags’ Hugger 30L backpack is the right companion to have on your side for your travels. Once it is yours, you’ll never look back.

Unlike traditional backpacks, the Hugger is smart. It is a combination between a boot bag and a convenient duffel bag. It is ready to be handled and thrown around like carry ons usually are when taken on a journey.

It keeps in mind your needs to store your ultimate travel essential such as laptops, chargers, small items, or any other things from clothing to fragile items. The Hugger includes a laptop pocket on its back, making its access easy and hassle-free; especially when going through airport security or in the waiting room.

Despite being built as a solid and thick structure, the Hugger remains lightweight; an essential feature for carry on bags for smooth navigation and transport in between gates and airport rushes. Its ABS ribs ensures the protection of all your items as well.  Its compartments are designed to remain as spacious and open as possible in order for you to take the most advantage out of its carrying capacity.

On its sides, the Hugger includes a series of mesh pockets that make sure smaller items don’t get lost and stay put between all the hectic movements.

This backpack comes in four different understated colors that can match pretty much any outfit, granting you with a complete clean and elegant image.


Hugger 30LDouchebags-Hugger-30L-Smart-Carry-On-Backpack-04