DB Aviator 40L carry-on bag

When you’re traveling, your carry-on bag is your lifesaver. It keeps all of the essentials you are going to need on your trip close to you and helps you access them when you need them most. Because you want to bring along all of your favorite possessions, you might end up using a carry-on bag with all of your belongings tossed haphazardly into it, but that mess creates more problems than it solves. Compartmentalizing and organizing your carry-on bag is half of the battle, and with the Aviator 40L carry-on bag by Douchebag, you can get everything stored away neatly inside of a protective casing that will make traveling that much simpler for you.

The Aviator 40L carry-on bag is a durable, heavy duty bag that can protect and organize your belongings and look stylish while doing it. This bag features 40 liters of internal space to work with and weighs only 4.4 pounds for the lightest experience possible. This Aviator 40L carry-on bag measures 35 centimeters by 24 centimeters by 55 centimeters in size, making it ideal for fitting into almost any carry-on compartment and meeting most standard travel-size requirements.

douchebags the aviator travel bag

Featuring a polycarbonate Unicast shell, the Aviator 40L carry-on bag is able to protect your electronics and other belongings from the knocks and bumps these bags tend to experience during travel. It features a KPU vacuum coating, which helps to protect the stylish exterior from any sort of wear and tear damage. On the front is a 3D molded EVA cover.

Inside of the Aviator 40L carry-on bag are several compartments for storage. Secure items such as cell phones, laptops, tablets, passports, music players and more in their own designated, safe spots. Whatever you choose to store inside of this carry-on, you can be sure it gets from Point A to Point B with ease, thanks to the rolling functionality afforded by the durable, 74 millimeter wheels and the comfortable, adjustable handle.

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Founded in 2012, the company Douchebag has been striving to create the perfect carry-on bag among many of their other options. This globally recognized brand has been given several awards and commendations for their functionality and design of each bag. Their inspiration comes from their history within the sports community, driving them to bring together those with an active lifestyle and those who want to eliminate a lot of the challenges that come with traveling.

Through creating smarter luggage, the company hopes to inspire an adventurous spirit in others; an idea that one can go anywhere they want to go and explore the world around them without being weighed down by unnecessary traveling issues. This desire stems from the creators’ own love of travel and exploration. Taking cues from the challenges they have faced themselves, their goal is to use those experiences to create luggage that is prepared to go wherever you want to go with as few problems as possible.


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