Craighill Desk Knife

Craighill hoped to accomplish two things in creating the Craighill Desk Knife: to capture the feel of an instrument of writing, and to mimic the kiridashi knives of Japan. The elegant piece they have to offer is a brilliantly designed multipurpose tool that is as functional as it is gorgeous.

Display it anywhere you like, from the countertop, to the workplace, and most certainly, your desk. In every setting, you will find it comes in handy for a great many jobs. You might even find a use for the references markers on the end of the knife, measuring every half inch.

Made of stainless steel, and completely in the United States, these knives are milled in Wisconsin while a Craighill workshop in New York City takes care of all the finishing touches. The end product is a desk knife that is 5.25-inches long and weighs only 4.5 ounces (ca. 133 ml).

You’ll find the edge very easy to keep sharp, as it is flat ground and not overly decorated. At the same time, it is a tasteful addition to your desktop for letter opening, diving into packages, or any other desk side feat you deem it worthy of accomplishing.


craighill desk knife