Casio Pro Trek Multi Field

Perfect for use by anyone who spends a lot of time outdoors, the Casio Pro Trek watch is a watch that can go the distance alongside you. This watch features Tough Solar rechargeable material that makes it simple for you to keep it charged when you are outdoors by using the sun or indoors using fluorescent lighting. It ensures your Casio Pro Trek watch is always running when you need it to be and will never drain its battery completely.

Because it does not have the need to change out batteries, the Casio Pro Trek watch is totally environmentally friendly. A compass comes standard on the watch. These features, plus its overall durable and well-built nature, make it perfect for those who spend a lot of time outdoors. It also features a stopwatch, which makes it excellent for those who are sporty to keep up with their best times. All the information is displayed in a digital format on the Casio watch to make it legible and readily accessible at any time.


Casio Pro Trek Multi FieldCasio Pro Trek Multi Field