Buckman 31L Gear Bag

Any avid outdoor enthusiast can tell you that, over the course of an outing, a number of things can happen to your gear bag. It could be dropped, flipped over, jostled or gotten wet. While mud and sweat are necessary ingredients for a great day out, they can certainly turn a good day bad if they make it inside your bag.

The Buckman gear bag can help put your mind at ease, even under some of the most trying conditions. It is made from waterproof X-Pac VX-21 ripstop nylon with inside seams that are held tight by a handy drawstring system for closing. Completely water-resistant, your gear will be safe inside, remaining dry and organized no matter how exciting your adventure becomes.

With an overall capacity of roughly 31 liters, it can still be folded into a neat, pocket-sized piece that can easily be stowed away when not actively using it. Use the hang loop to allow it to dry upside down, or the nylon grab handles to drag it around wherever you go.


Buckman 31L Gear Bag Buckman 31L Gear Bag Buckman 31L Gear Bag Buckman 31L Gear Bag