Boundary Prima System

Ready to tote around all of your necessary daily items and your weekend travel gear as well, the Boundary Prima System is a modular backpack that stands out as the first of its kind. This backpack offers unmatched organizational properties and can even adapt to fit in additional backpacks that you did not anticipate needing at the time of packing without making the bag feel overstuffed. It has ultra-durable, authentic YKK Stormguard zippers as well as unique magnetic trim that makes it simple to open and close the bag. The zippers and trim let you connect the different parts of the bag to give you access to the things you need most without having to remove all of the rest. The high performance fabrics of the Boundary Prima System  let you store everything you consider essential without fear of damage. The Boundary Prima System can expand from a comfortable 25 liters up to 30 liters, while the verge case that comes included will offer an additional 10 liters for you to store your most important possessions, making it the ideal backpack for weekend trips and day trips alike. With its effortless organizational properties, you can fit a variety of items into the pack without losing track of what is inside. There is plenty of room for a laptop that is protected by a padded insert. The verge case can be accessed through the side pocket for easy accessibility without taking out the rest of the items.



Boundary Prima System Backpack