The 10 Best Watches with Enamel Dials

The watch that you wear tells a lot about you. Unlike in the past when watches were specifically worn for the sake of monitoring time, nowadays people wear timepieces as an accessory. Besides that, watchmakers have also found a way of improving the appeal of their products. These days, it’s not uncommon for a high-quality watch to be coated with enamel. Such watches have become very popular because the enamel prevents the casing from rusting. Their glitter is actually irresistible. But since the process of applying enamel on a dial is cumbersome, the watches cost a premium price.

To help narrow your search, here is our list of the best enamel coated watches.

A. Lange & Söhne 1815 Tourbillon with Enamel DialA. Lange & Söhne 1815 Tourbillon with Enamel Dial

The 1815 Tourbillon is an amazing masterpiece that is manufactured in Germany. The watch features a pure white enamel finish on the dial. Since the enamel is resistant to scratches, you can be sure your timepiece will maintain its elegant outlook for many years. The time markers are printed on a white background for enhanced visibility. The arms are also brightly colored so that you can check the time in a single glance.

The visibility of the watch is complemented by including illuminated time markers next to the numerals. The strap is padded for maximum comfort. And for durability’s sake, the seams of the strap feature double stitches. This helps in keeping the strap intact during extreme situations. The downside is that the watch costs a premium price. However, the timepiece offers good value for money, considering that it uses tourbillon movement.


Grand Seiko Credor Eichi iiGrand Seiko Credor Eichi ii

Grand Seiko needs no introduction. Anyone that fancies luxury watches knows Seiko is a household name. For a start, this Asian-made watch uses mechanical movement, meaning it has to be wound after every couple of days. Judging by its design, the timepiece is more of jewelry than a watch. The dial is coated with creamy enamel.

The arms rare painted blue to make them stand out from other elements of the watch. The markers are also coated with enamel to make sure they are not mistaken with the decorations that are on the face’s background. The strap of the watch is double stitched and is designed to blend with the enamel on the dial.


Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Ultra Thin Moon Enamel Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Ultra Thin Moon Enamel

This Jaeger-LeCoultre is designed with automatic movement, meaning it winds itself as you go about your business. The dial features a white gold metallic casing that’s coated with enamel. And that’s not all. The markers and the arms are all in solidarity with the dial’s finish. The deep blue face helps in creating a balance between the dial and other elements of the watch.

The strap is padded and double stitched on the edges to avoid irritating the wrist of the wearer. Besides that, there are small illuminated crystals on the dial, which come in handy at night. The downside is that the watch only displays hour, minutes, and seconds, not date.


Breguet Classique 5177 Grand Feu BleuBreguet Classique 5177 Grand Feu Bleu

This Breguet Classique comes in a simple design. However, the watch is not one of those timepieces that you can wear without making heads turn. You can pair the watch with your black suits thanks to its black leather strap and face. The dial, hands, and the entire casing are coated with golden white enamel to make the watch more stylish.

Although the hands are not illuminated, there are illuminated markers on the edges that enhance visibility when darkness falls. The watch doesn’t need any batteries as it uses chronometer movement. Besides that, the watch displays time in a 12-hour system, along with the date.


Ulysse Nardin Classico ManufactureUlysse Nardin Classico Manufacture

Enamel is arguably the signature of Ulysse Nardin. In fact, the manufacturer has used enamel coating to highlight the features that matter the most. The face or the Classico is ocean blue in color to make sure people notice when you wear this watch. The casing, dial, and hands showcase great workmanship that was done while painting the elements with enamel. The enamel is only available in the white color.

The watch uses UN-320 movements, sparing you from having to rewind it manually. The hands have been illuminated to enable clear vision at night, and the strap is gentle on the wrist because it features padding all around. Moreover, the watch displays time and date separately.


Holthinrich Watches Delft BlueHolthinrich Watches Delft Blue

The Delft Blue is was designed by Michael Holthinrich, an uprising star from the Netherlands. As a matter of fact, Delft is on the record for being the first watchmaker to apply 3D printing on metallic surfaces. The watch features a creamy white dial that has an enamel coating on the edges.

There are actually two options of enamel colors with this watch: blue and white. You can use the watch in any environment because it has illuminated hands and markers to help you check the time when there is little light. The strap can last for decades without requiring replacement due to the fact that it’s made from high-grade leather material.

The other advantage is that the watch gives you the privilege of reading time in terms of hours, minutes, and seconds. The timepiece also displays time in a 12-hour format. The timepiece rewinds hands-free as it uses ETA 7001 movement hand engraved by the watchmaker. Moreover, the watch is designed to be light to allow you to wear it for many hours without irritating your wrist.


Lundis Bleus ContemporainesLundis Bleus Contemporaines

Lundis Bleus is ideal for those who prefer formal timepieces. The Contemporaines watch features an analog face that’s jungle green in color. The dial is coated with enamel to make it more stylish. The mechanism of the watch is enclosed in a durable metallic casing. Though the hands and time markers are not illuminated, they are painted with a chrome finish so that they can be easily spotted in the dark.

The strap is made from high-quality leather, meaning it can last for decades before requiring a replacement. The watch doesn’t need to be manually wound as it’s designed to rewind itself. You simply wear it on your wrist, and it will rewind as you swing your hands back and forth. The only downside is that it does not display the date.


Ball Trainmaster Standard TimeBall Trainmaster Standard Time

The Ball Trainmaster is a fairly priced luxury watch. The watchmaker gives you the option of choosing between a stainless or gold-coated casing. However, if you opt for a golden casing, you will have to part with a hefty amount of money. The good thing is that the dial of the watch can never rust because it’s coated with a thick layer of enamel.

By designing the color of the face to be only white, the watchmaker did not give timepiece lovers the privilege of choosing different colors. The display of the watch is easy to read because there are numerals and illuminated markers. The hands are also illuminated for enhanced vision at night. Apart from displaying the hour, minutes, and seconds, the watch also displays the date of the month. The strong metallic casing is paired with a double stitched leather strap.


AnOrdain Model 1AnOrdain Model 1

The AnOrdain Model 1 is another affordable analog luxury watch made in Britain. The first thing that catches your eye is the watch’s face. For a start, the casing is constructed from metal, meaning it’s designed to last for ages. The enamel that’s used to coat the dial is available in various colors that include iron cream, post office red, translucent blue, pink, black, and Hebridean blue. In addition to that, the watch uses Sellita SW200-1 movement.

The white face blends well with the black strap. And the strap is actually stitched with a thick thread on the edges to protect it from tear and wear. The watch features syringe-like hands that are illuminated for easy reading when there is no light. At 38 mm, the watch is light enough to be worn throughout the day. The only downside is that the watch does not display the date of the month.


Seiko Presage SPB047Seiko Presage SPB047

The Seiko Presage is the most affordable watch on this list of luxury timepieces. However, the watch is still very high-quality. The entire casing of the watch and the dial are coated with enamel. The white face is complemented with black hands and markers for ease of vision.

The watch also displays the date of the month. And since the watch uses automatic movement, you don’t have to rewind it manually. Simply wear it, get active, and the watch will fully rewind. The timepiece also features a double stitched leather strap that guarantees extended durability. The only downside is that the hands and time markers are not illuminated, making it difficult to check the time and date in low light conditions.


What to Look for in a Watch

Shopping for a classic watch has never been easy. Whether you are buying from an offline or an online store, you will obviously come across hundreds of watches. If you are not careful, you might end up buying a watch that doesn’t have the features that you need. For a start, your choice of a timepiece should be guided by price. There are low-end and top-of-the-range watches. Low-end timepieces are usually more affordable than top-tier models, but at the end of the day, you will only get what you pay for. This means that you can’t buy a cheap watch and expect it to have the features that a premium timepiece would.

It’s also important to consider the movement of the watch. There are basically three categories of watch movement: mechanical, automatic, and quartz. When you opt for a watch with mechanical movement, you will have to wind it every day for it to give you accurate time readings. The benefit of watches with mechanical movement is that they don’t require any battery.

Automatic movement watches are an advanced version of mechanical movements. The only difference is that the watch winds itself by detecting the movement of your hands. The majority of the watches on the market use quartz movement. Such watches don’t require any winding because they are powered by a small battery.

Since a watch is meant to be used both during the day and at night, you should check whether the piece you want to buy has illuminated markers and arms. When the arms and markers are illuminated, you can check the time at night without any difficulty. This is because the arms and the markers of the watch glow when the environment is dark.

It’s also advisable that you opt for a watch that has either a leather strap or metallic bracelet. These materials are highly durable. You might also want a watch that displays the date. With such a watch, you won’t need to look at your calendar to remind yourself what day it is.