The 10 Best Tritium Watches

Tritium is used in watches because it produces natural light without relying on any batteries. The resulting light makes it easier to check the time on the watch in low-light conditions. The glow that is produced by tritium can last up to 50 years. And unlike other substances that change their properties when exposed to elements of weather, tritium remains the same despite the changes.

Over the years, tritium has proved to be the most effective source of lumination for watches. The compound is usually enclosed in glass tubes and used in watch hands and markers.

Here are the 10 best tritium watches on the market today.

Ball Roadmaster StarLight Bronze WatchBall Roadmaster StarLight Bronze Watch

This Ball Roadmaster is designed to match with both formal and casual wear. You can, therefore, wear the watch regardless of whether you are going to the office or a sporting event. The watch has a stylish casing that’s made from brass, guaranteeing that it will not rust when exposed to humid conditions. The watch features two separate time markers, one on the rotating bezel and another inside the chronograph.

Other than illuminated hands and markers, the watch also features illuminated Arabic numerals. This feature enhances your vision of the watch when you are in the dark. Besides that, you can check the time in either 12-hour or 24-hour format without having to do any conversions. When you look at the watch at a glance, you can read the time, date of the month, and day of the week. The watch is fastened on the wrist using a strong NATO strap, and the strap is actually made of two layers of bands that have been sewn together.


Luminox Deep Dive Automatic WatchLuminox Deep Dive Automatic Watch

This Luminox Deep Dive Watch comes with a sleek design to enable you to get into tight spaces stress-free. It’s no wonder the watch features a premium price. The watch was designed with the interests of those that love water sports in mind. You can dive as deep as 500 meters into the water without damaging this timepiece. And whether you are in deep waters or on dry land, you will still be able to check the time, thanks to its illuminated hands and time markers.

The bezel is also designed to rotate so that you can adjust it when setting time. Besides that, the watch doesn’t need any manual rewinding because it makes automatic movements, sparing you from the cumbersome task of turning the crown a thousand times. The watch can withstand extreme conditions due to its strong stainless steel casing, and unlike other watches that reflect when you are in water, this Luminox doesn’t blur your vision. This is because the face of the watch is covered with double-thick anti-reflective sapphire crystal. And the crystal doesn’t shatter like ordinary glass when the watch is bumped against a hard surface.

In addition, the strap of the watch is designed to be durable because it’s constructed from polyurethane. The watch also features a separate window for displaying the date of the month.


MTM Special Ops RAD WatchMTM Special Ops RAD Watch

The MTM Special Ops RAD watch is fairly priced considering that it features a strong but lightweight titanium casing. In fact, the casing of the watch can’t crush even if it’s exposed to heavy impact. Besides that, the timepiece can be used in aquatic environments because it’s resistant to water. The missing illumination of the time markers is compensated by the addition of glowing hands.

Another notable key feature of the timepiece is the separate window for showing time readings in digital format. There are controls next to the crown that are reserved for adjusting the time settings of the digital clock. There is also a built-in radiation detector, and you can opt for either a nylon strap or a stainless steel bracelet. A nylon strap is a good fit because it’s light and blends perfectly with the look of the watch.

The only downside is that the watch makes quartz movements, meaning it can’t go without a battery.


Isobrite Executive Series ISO701 WatchIsobrite Executive Series ISO701 Watch

From any perspective, the Isobrite Executive Series ISO701 looks like one of those watches that are designed to be paired with formal wear. However, the watchmaker seems to understand that you can’t remain tethered in an office throughout the day. This means you can go where your day takes you and still wear the watch without damaging it.

The watch’s mechanism is housed in a stainless steel casing that’s also resistant to rust. You can go for a swim or walk through the rain when going home from work and still not risk the functionality of the watch. This is because it can resist water as long as the depth doesn’t exceed 200 meters. The watch runs on Swiss automatic movements, and all the hands and time markers have been illuminated to guarantee clear sight at night or in other low-light conditions. The stainless steel bracelet is adjustable.


Traser P68 Pathfinder Automatic WatchTraser P68 Pathfinder Automatic Watch

Traser is on the record for being the first watchmaking company to manufacture its own tritium. Interestingly, they manufacture more than what they need, making it possible for them to distribute the surplus to other watchmakers. This particular timepiece features a PVD coated stainless steel casing and crown, which helps in extending the lifespan of the watch. Even if the watch fell many times, it would still go on as usual because the impact is normally absorbed by the casing to prevent it from reaching the mechanism of the timepiece.

Also, you don’t have to remove the watch when diving into the ocean or a swimming pool. This is because the watch is wired to be resistant to water. Besides that, the watch is equipped with a NATO nylon strap that’s easy to clean and can’t be damaged by water. Since the watch makes Swiss automatic movements, it will rewind itself as you do your day-to-day activities. Of course, the watch will not rewind itself unless you wear it.

The other advantage is that you can easily confirm the time even when it’s dark because the watch has illuminated hands and numerals. You can also check the time in either a 24 or 12-hour system. This feature is useful when you are shifting to another time zone. There is also a different window that shows the date of the month. Those who like to go for hiking expeditions can use the compass that is included in the watch to find their way back home or to their next waypoint.


Marathon Search & Rescue Diver’s WatchMarathon Search & Rescue Diver’s Watch

Marathon Search and Rescue watch is an initiative of the US government for its troops serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. This watch was therefore designed to withstand the harshness that soldiers experience on the battlefield. For a start, the timepiece features the highest quality of stainless steel casing. This means that the watch will not stop functioning even if it’s tossed around and smacked against hard surfaces. The face is actually covered with sapphire crystal to ensure it remains intact after an impact. And since the casing is made from stainless steel, the watch will not fade or rust.

The Search & Rescue Diver’s Watch also comes with illuminated hands, numerals, and time markers. You can, therefore, see the readings clearly during the night. There is a rotating bezel that you can use for analyzing the time, and you don’t have to remove the watch when it starts to rain because it’s designed to resist water with a depth of up to 30ATM. The only downside is that it requires a battery to function because it makes quartz movements. As for the strap, you can choose between rubber and stainless steel.



Nite Hawk Tritium Watch

This Nite Hawk watch is ideal for those who love adventure. The timepiece comes with a strong polycarbonate casing. This is the kind of casing that will not break regardless of what is thrown its way. The casing is paired with a crystal cap that is designed to resist any punishment that can expose the inside of the dial. Unlike other timekeepers that require you to use a flashlight at night, this watch allows you to check the time without being limited by light. This is because it’s fitted with illuminated hands and time markers. You just need to glance once at the face of the watch, and you will be able to see the time, broken down to hours, minutes, and seconds. There is also another window that shows the date of the month.

The downside is that the watch features Swiss-made Ronda Quartz movements. However, the watch’s battery has long life, meaning it can go for several years without calling for a replacement. Also, there are two types of straps that are reserved for this particular timepiece. You can either pick one made from polymer or PVD stainless steel.


Deep Blue Daynite Tritdiver T-100 Automatic WatchDeep Blue Daynite Tritdiver T-100 Automatic Watch

The Deep Blue Daynite Tritdiver T-100 is a jack of all trades. You can wear the timepiece when attending boardroom meetings or when going fishing and still look great. The watch comes with illuminated time markers and hands. This guarantees that you can check the time in any environment. The bezel of the watch is actually designed to rotate in either clockwise or anti-clockwise direction. On every 12 hour time marker, there is an adjacent 24-hour equivalent. You can, therefore, adjust the time without first having to go through hectic conversions. Besides that, you don’t have to wait until you get home to check the calendar because the watch has a window that displays the correct date of the month.

The casing of the watch is constructed from stainless steel, meaning it can survive from elements of rusting even if you leave it outdoors for a few days. In fact, the watch is a fair deal considering that it offers water resistance of up to 500 meters. You can, therefore, wear it with your swimming trunks without worrying about damage. And since the watch makes automatic movements, you don’t have to rewind it. Just get busy, and the timepiece will rewind itself.

The watch is fastened using a stainless steel bracelet. The downside is that you can’t adjust the length of the bracelet very easily.


YELANG V1210 Sports WatchYELANG V1210 Sports Watch

Judging by its design, this Yelang is a multipurpose timepiece. The watch spares you from the agony of having to alternate between a formal timekeeper and a sports watch. It’s designed to blend well with your formal wardrobe and still look great when worn during outdoor activities.

The dial features illuminated time markers and hands to make it easy for you to read the time at night. The casing is made from stainless steel to enhance the durability of the watch, and the casing is attached to a stainless steel bracelet. However, some people might think that the metallic casing and bracelet feels too heavy.

The dial is fitted with a rotating bezel. Apart from checking the time, you can also check the date of the month in a separate window. The watch is capable of resisting water of up to 100 meters deep, and the watch makes eco-drive movements.


Marathon Military Pilot WatchMarathon Military Pilot Watch

The Marathon Military Pilot watch comes with a sleek design to make it feel light on your wrist. The bezel and the dial are self-illuminating, so you can check the time in low-light conditions without having to light up a torch. The hands are also illuminated for enhanced vision at night.

The timepiece has a casing that’s made from high-impact fibershell. Since the watch is designed for combat missions, its face is covered with sapphire crystal to prevent it from shattering when knocked against a hard surface. The strap is made from nylon so that it can be washed easily. However, the watch requires a battery to keep going as it makes quartz movements.


What to Look for in a Tritium Watch

Tritium watches come in various designs and colors. Knowing what to look for in such watches can help you in buying a timepiece that’s made to last. The last thing you want is to buy a watch that will need to be repaired every now and then. For a start, you should consider the sturdiness of the watch compartment. An ideal watch should have a strong casing that can withstand extreme conditions, especially if you are an outdoors person. It’s also important that you opt for a timepiece that’s designed to be resistant to water. Most watchmakers usually indicate the depth of water that each timepiece can withstand.

The strap is one of the things that most people tend to forget. Before you add a watch into your shopping cart, it’s advisable you check the quality of the strap. If you will be wearing the watch during outdoor activities such as swimming, mountain climbing, hiking, or cycling, you should pick a timepiece that has a strong strap. You can opt for canvas, rubber, or metal. Rubber is nice because it’s easy to wash. Canvas is also good, only that it can be damaged by sharp objects. A metallic bracelet is the surest bet as it’s resistant to scratches. However, if you prefer a metal bracelet, make sure it’s made from stainless steel, or it will eventually wear out due to rusting.

Since you are looking to buy a tritium watch, you should narrow down your search to watches that feature illuminated hands and time markers. With such a feature, you will be able to read the time without any difficulty. Your choice of a timepiece should also be guided by the type of display. Although the majority of watches only display time only, there are some models that are designed to display the time and date of the month and day of the week.

Watches are also classified according to the movements that they make. Those that require regular rewinding make mechanical movements. They are the most sought-after timepieces because they don’t need to be powered by batteries. Then there are those that make automatic movements. This category of watches rewind themselves using the movements of the wearer. The last category of watches is known as quartz. These watches can’t function unless they are connected to a battery.

Your choice of a watch should also be influenced by your budget. Before you hit the store, you should first decide the amount of money that you can afford to spend on a timepiece. Whether you want a luxury watch or a simple model, it’s always a good idea to have a budget in mind. This is because you will not get more than what you pay for. If you want a watch with advanced features, you have to be ready to spend more money.

Such features might include a compass, a 24-hour system, and a separate digital display. A compass comes in handy when you are in the middle of nowhere, such as a forest. With a portable compass that also doubles as a watch, you will surely arrive at your destination without getting lost. A 24-hour system is also suitable for situations where you find yourself in a different time zone.